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Mei Gui Hua (Rugose Rose)


Mei Gui Hua (Rugose Rose)

Rosa Rugosa; Flos. 玫瑰花

Other names:

Mei Gui Hua, Rosebud, Japanese Rose Flowers, Japanese Rugose Rose, Rosa Rugosa; Flos. 玫瑰花


Slightly Bitter, Sweet, Warm

Channels Entered: 

Liver, Spleen


Regulates Qi, Regulates Menstruation, Helps Calm Premenstrual Syndrom Symptoms

Other Information: 

Rose Rugosa grows natively worldwide and is a perennial shrub. It grows naturally as a five-petaled flower, whose petals are harvested in late spring and early summer. After harvesting, they are baked and then used medicinally and culinarily. Japanese Rugose Roses and their petals are known to be stimulating to the female reproductive system. 

Mei Gui Hua is viewed in traditional Chinese medicine as one of the most docile and most effective Qi herbs. In the Liver, it works to astringe diarrhea and relieve pain as well as hepatitis. Mei Gui Hua's harmonization properties regulate menstruation and relieve premenstrual symptoms such as pain and breast tenderness. 

Mei Gui Hua is commonly combined with Dang Gui, Ji Xue Teng, and Bai Shao to regulate menstruation, reduce pain due to Blood Stasis from trauma, and relieve Blood and Qi Stagnation respectively. 

To treat Liver Qi Stagnation, Mei Gui Hua is usually used with He Huan Hua, which is more calming. In the chest, Mei Gui Hua treats poor appetite and belching, as well as distension. 

Another herb used for menstruation is Yue Ji Hua. Where Mei Gui Hua enters the Liver, Spleen, and Stomach Yue Ji Hua only enters the Liver. In this case, Yue Ji Hua is stronger at moving Blood, and some of the additional effects of this herb are that it resolves toxicity and reduces swelling. 

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High Quality

The product quality is the best. Alleviated my poor digestion and insomnia within 8 days

Jihui Li
The products are way more pricy than I think, would not come back again

The products are so much more expensive than I expected. You also have to pay for shipping. Not worthy. I am get everything here at a much affordable price.

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