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Nei Wei Qi (Basic Immune Support)


Nei Wei Qi is internal defensive Qi. 

Nei wei qi (internal defensive qi) is introduced to represent the immune system in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Nei wei qi is a part of the zheng qi of the body. It comes from yuan qi and is nourished by acquired nutrients. It belongs to qi and yin . It's located both inside and outside blood vessels. It runs through the entire body, including the five zang organs, six fu organs, head, limbs, etc. The normal function of nei wei qi is vital in ensuring the normal function of the zang fu organs. (Source: Acupuncture Today)

This formula is designed to support and vitalize healthy Nei Wei Qi.

The philosophic theory on the struggle between zheng qi and xie qi represents the core idea of immunology in plain words by Chinese ancestors. The fight between zheng qi and xie qi explains the battle between the immune function of the body and the pathogenic factors. Helping zheng qi to expel xie qi is the therapeutic principle.



Isatis Root / Ban Lan Gen / Baphicacanthus cusia

Licorice Root / Gan Cao / Glycyrrhiza glabra

Chinese Skullcap Root / Huang Qin / Scutellaria baicalensis

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