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San Qi - Tian Qi (Pseudoginseng Root)

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San Qi - Tian Qi Herb (Pseudoginseng Root)

Panax Notoginseng; Notoginseng Radix

Our current supply is 4 years old.  San Qi MUST be ground/crushed to realize its full potential.

Clinical studies have shown that the Tian Qi herb can stop bleeding by shortening the body's prothrombin rate, as well as concurrently dissolving blood clots and regulate circulation. Both San Qi and the Pu Huang herb are used to return Blood to homeostasis.

San Qi is used to stop bleeding and release stagnation as well as to invigorate blood circulation and stop pain. 


Sweet, bitter, warm

Channels Entered

Liver, Stomach


Customer Reviews

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Robert Durant
Very good quality.

The nodules are very solid and must be crushed and ground to achieve their full extraction. Very good quality and potent.

Joseph Pitts
San qi

Hard as stone

Robert Gregg
The REALLY Good Stuff!

I am very, very pleased by the unusually high quality of the Tian Qi I purchased from Plum Dragon.

The radices were tight, hard, and compact, had the very firm, tough woody exterior, but by scent alone I could tell that it was dried and cured to perfection, and was not old stock that's been sitting around forever.

I cut some of it up. The consistency I expected was there, and the scent became very noticeable when I cut into it-- another sign that your herb is 100% good to go.

Finally, I sampled its flavor. It had that peculiar, sour-but-not-too-sour "sweetish" flavor going for it, along with a sort of bitter "afterbite", which is, IME, yet another sign of the perfect medicinal product.

I have studied and worked with Chinese herbal preparations and other traditional Chinese medicinal practices since the late 1980's. I have dealt with a multitude of vendors and apothecaries over the years.

All I can tell you now is this: I'll never wonder who I'll buy my Tian Qi from, ever again. What I got from Plum Dragon Herbs was a Class A product.

You add to this prompt, courteous, and professional customer service, and folks: that's about as good as it gets.

Well done, Plum Dragon!

--Robert D. Gregg

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