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Dit Da Jow | Shaolin (Fukien) Iron Palm Formula (Herb Packs)



Shaolin (Fukien) Iron Palm Dit Da Jow

(Tali Yona Quosa Ukuwiyuhi)

Made public by Rod Morgan of Iron Lotus Society.  Morgan states that this formula is a traditional formula from a Shaolin temple in Malaysia where the formula has been unchanged for over 300 years.

Available as a 1 Gallon Herb Pack.



Hong Hua 45g
Chuan Wu (Zhi) (Processed) 6g
Chi Shao 9g
Pu Huang 15g
Gu Sui Bu 15g
Qiang Huo 15g
Gui Zhi 15g
Wu Jia Pi 18g
Fang Feng 9g
Zhi Zi 15g
Niu Xi (Huai) 15g
Tao Ren 15g
Wu Wei Zi 4.5g
Zi Ran Tong 15g
Bai Zhi 7.5g
Xiang Fu 12g
Di Long 30g
Xue Jie 12.g
Cao Wu (Zhi) (Processed) 6.g
Ru Xiang 6g
Ban Xia 6g
Du Huo 12g
Dan Nan Xing (Zhi) (Processed) 6g
Huang Bai 12g
Huang Qin 9g
Xu Duan 15g
Ze Lan 30g
Kuan Jin Teng 18g
Xi Xin 12g
Rou Gui 45g
San Qi 30g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John White
Fukien iron palm herb pack

Out of the different dit da jow I have tried this is easily one of my favorites!

James Fillmore
The real deal

This now smells and feels exactly the same as the one passed on to my from our grandmaster, whose lineage traced back to the Fukien temple. I had been out of my Jow for several years and finding this formula has been wonderful for resuming my training. I am now a big plum dragon fan and also use the bruise juice for strains and sprains

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