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Shou Gong San (Harvest the Training Powder)


Shou Gong San (Harvest the Training Powder)

Shou Gong San, also called Harvest the Training Powder, is used an aid to more rapid recovery during rigorous training regimen or strenuous workouts.  The formula is designed to be taken after training and has been handed down from a monk named Zhan Hua of the Qing Dynasty.  

This formula is most often administered in a fine powder and taken in 1-3g portions after each practice session to regulate and extend the Qi and blood of the entire body.

Formula makes 36g of powder and will last approximately 10 days to 1 month depending on how much is taken per day.


Angelica Root, Aquilaria Sinensis, Tangerine Rind, Safflower Flower, Daibergia Rosewood, Bitter Orange Peel, Peach Kernel.

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