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“Thrilled to have found this. I have used Sombra, Arnica Gel, Tiger Balm, etc. NONE COMPARE. A HUGE fan!” 

Review above from Plum Dragon Customer: Madeline, M. |

This Ho Family Dit Da Jow is Plum Dragon’s #1 Best Seller. Containing a host of analgesic herbs, this topical pain relief formula is excellent for battling nearly all types of pain from muscle pain to tendonitis and even nerve pain.  It also contains anti-inflammatory herbs and nutritive herbs for conditioning connective tissue and bone, making it a very balanced herbal analgesic to address a wide variety of injuries and painful situations.

Therapeutic Actions

  • Ho Family Dit Da Jow is a POWERFUL PAIN RELIEVER, 100% NATURAL, HERBAL and NON-GMO. It contains absolutely NO parabens, chemicals, camphor, menthol, additives, perfumes or dyes of any kind!
  • BETTER THAN PAIN CREAMS and PAIN RUBS made of camphor and/or menthol. Ho Family Dit Da Jow contains a battery of powerful, medicinal Chinese herbs for topical pain relief that have been known for centuries to help the body heal injuries FAST. Our herbal analgesic strongly supports the body’s innate healing mechanism, so you can experience rapid natural healing.  ASSISTS IN RELIEVING TENDONITIS, painful muscle injuries and nerve pains. *NOT for use on fresh injuries with bruising/ swelling*
  • MUSCLE PAIN HEALED FAST OR YOUR MONEY BACK!! We are so confident that Ho Family Dit Da Jow is the most potent pain remedy on the planet, for muscle pain and injury, that if you apply this product 3 times daily for 1 week, and do not experience for yourself its incredible pain-relieving properties, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY.
  • Amber glass 4 oz. bottle with a dropper cap. We are so dedicated to your health and our PRODUCT PURITY, that our product is both manufactured and stored in a glass to ensure NO PLASTICS CONTAMINATION.
  • Manufactured IN THE USA by Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. a very trusted and well-respected brand in the industry.

This dit da jow is Plum Dragon’s best selling formula! It is very warming, in Chinese medicine terms, and strong in its action to break stasis and manage pain. These herbs for topical pain relief are particularly useful for muscle injuries, tendonitis and nerve pain. This product is not for fresh injuries but should be used once initial bruising, inflammation and redness have subsided. Because of its nice balance of both healing and conditioning properties, and the strength of its action, the Ho Family Dit Da Jow has become a customer favorite.

Plum Dragon Herbs is interested in your feedback on this herbal analgesic, and we would appreciate any comments you may have. If you like this formula, please give it a rating and leave a comment in the review section to the left telling us how it worked for you so others can learn from your experiences.

*For EXTERNAL use only.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, scrapes, broken skin, eyes or mouth at any time.

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