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Tou Gu Cao (Garden Balsam)


Chinese Herb Tou Gu Cao (Garden Balsam)

Other Names: 

Tou Gu Cao (Garden Balsam), Impatiens Balsamina Line, Caulis Impatientis, Speranskia


Acrid, Bitter, Slightly Sweet, Cool

Channels Entered:

Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Lung


Anti-Rheumatics, Reduces Pain and Inflammation, Drains Damp-Heat

Other Information:

The Tou Gu Cao herb is not commonly seen in classic formulas or patent recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But, it is known for removing Blood stasis and eliminating toxins. Garden Balsam's draining properties are good for treating hepatitis and acute jaundice. As well, the Tou Gu Cao herb relaxes tendons, which is particularly useful for aiding arthritis as well as bone and muscle contractions -- especially those associated with Cold-Dampness. Overall, this herb is great for supporting healthy circulation.

The Tou Gu Cao herb is considered toxic and is usually combined with antidotal ingredients to reduce toxicity. Some of the herbs that it is combined with to aid treatment are Cang Zhu, Pu Huang, and Ru Xiang. These treatments are for jaundice, bleeding due to Heat, and trauma bleeding and pain respectively. 

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