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Tu Si Zi (Cuscuta Seed)


This product is currently unavailible as a seed. You can purchase the powdered version here

Tu Si Zi or Cuscuta Seed is a Yang tonic that tonifies both Kidney Yin and Yang (and essence), nourishes the liver, brightens the eyes and generally strengthens the body.

Chinese Herb

Tu Si Zi (Cuscuta Seed, Dodder Seed); Cuscuta Chinensis Lam; Semen Cuscutae 

Tu Si Zi, The Cuscuta Seed, also known commonly as "Dodder Seed or Dadder Seed" in English, literally means "Rabbit String Seed" and originally appearing in the Materia Medica as far back as the Second Century AD.

The Cuscuta Seed is a Yang tonic, tonifying both Kidney Yin and Yang, and essence, and has shown to generally strengthen the body. Consequently, this herb is used for some martial arts applications, including dit da jow, dit da wan, and various training and longevity wines.


Pungent, sweet, neutral

Channels Entered

Liver, Kidney


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