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Dit Da Jow | White Dragon Iron Palm Formula (Herb Packs)


Mildly warming in action, the herbs in this dit da jow recipe opens and warms circulating channels, and is perfect for beginner/intermediate Iron Palm training.


White Dragon Iron Palm Dit Da Jow

  • One Gallon Herb Pack
  • Pre-aged half-gallon

This potent recipe of 26 herbs helps beginner and intermediate Iron Palm practitioners to build a strong Iron Palm foundation. Mildly warming in action, this Dit Da Jow recipe opens and warms circulating channels. Many of the herbs are also cooked in various ways to enhance the action and allow the full extraction of herbal components.


Quince, Acanthopanax, Angelica Tails, Kadsura Stem, Eucommia, Milletta, Homalomena, Gentian, Clematis, Dispacus, Cattail Pollen, Aconite, Auklandia, Frankincense, Safflower, Rhubarb, Bur-Reed, Notopterygium, White Peony, Gardenia, Peach Kernel, Cattail Pollen, Myrrh, Catechu, Cinnamon Bark, Camphor.

The traditional, well-known herb combinations and cooking methods of this Iron Palm Dit Da Jow recipe are traditionally believed to counteract arthritis/rheumatism, Bi Syndrome, and possibly provide relief from the pain of bruising, sprains and strains. With several ounces of herbs such as Xu Duan, Qin Jiao, and Ji Xue Teng, this formula is designed for Iron Palm/Iron Body training and very popular with customers for counteracting arthritic problems.

Appropriate for beginner and intermediate levels of Iron Palm training, and sufficient for use with any striking medium prior to steel/lead shot.

For EXTERNAL use only. Do NOT use on open cuts/scrapes or mucous membranes such as the mouth.

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