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Wu Shao She (Zaocys)


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Chinese Herb Wu Shao She (Zaocys)

Other Names:

Wu Shao She, Zaocys, Black Stripe Snake, Black Grass Snake, Zaocys Dhumnades, Zaocys


Sweet, Salty, Neutral

Channels Entered:

Spleen, Liver


Extinguishes Wind, Stops Convulsions, Relieves Itching

Other Information:

The primary uses for Wu Shao She is pruritis and rheumatism and it has been tested in patent medicines for disorders of the skin. It can also be used for skin numbness, dermatosis, or other rashes. Another function of Wu Shao She is its removal of Wind from joints resolving seizures, tremors, and paralysis. It has joint, tendon, and bone-strengthening properties. Black Stripe Snake has shown positive impacts on muscle paralysis and post-stroke deviation patients.

Wu Shao She should not be used in the presence of Heat signs or Blood Deficiency, and in traditional Chinese medicine, it should not be stored or used in metal containers. 

Zaocys is commonly used with Bai Hua She, Qiang Huo, and Jing Jie. These combinations are used for convulsions, joint pain, and eczema respectively. Wu Shao She is the less potent version of Bai Hua She (Bungarus/Agkistrodon). Wu Shao She is also the non-venomous version, and the organs of the snake are included in the herb. Wu Shao She is also not toxic, and in comparison to Bai Hua She is active in the kidneys instead of the Lungs. 

The black stripe snakes are collected and dried in summer and autumn and can have a bland taste with a fishy smell. Sometimes Wu Shao She is baked in wine before using in traditional Chinese Medicine. 


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