Xi Xin (Wild Ginger)


***Chinese Wildcrafted Xi Xin we are getting right now has no green leaves as shown in the picture, just stems/roots, but very high quality -- an updated photograph has been included*** 

The Xi Xin herb acts to dispel cold and stop pain, to warm the lungs, resolve phlegm-damp and to relieve nasal congestion. It also directs the action of other herbs to the Heart and Kidney meridians, especially in the arms and chest. Buy Wild Ginger to use as a topical remedy or consume it.

Chinese Herb

Xi Xin Herb (Wild Ginger); Asarum Sieboldii; Asarum hetrotropoides Fr. Var. mandshuricum (maxim.) Kitag.; Herba asari cum Radice 

Xi Xin, also known as Wild Ginger, Asarum, or Siebold, was first cited in Asian texts almost 2,000 years ago. Wild Ginger is one of the few warming, cold-dispersing herbs that also has essential oils which work to drive out dampness and other blockages. Coupled with its pain relieving properties and strong penetrating nature, Wild Ginger has justified its use in some martial arts training liniments.

The classical Shi Ba Fan (Eighteen Incompatibilities) states that this herb is INCOMPATIBLE with Li Lu (Veratrum).


Pungent, warm

Channels Entered

Lung, Kidney

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