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Xiang Fu (Nutgrass Rhizome)


Xiang Fu acts to promote the free flow of Qi in the liver, to regulate menstruation and stop pain.

Chinese Herb

Xiang Fu (Nutgrass Rhizome, Cyperus tuber); Cyperus Rotundus L.; Rhizoma Cyperi; Rhizoma Cypri

The Rhizome of nutgrass, also called Cyperus, is an aromatic qi-regulating herb; acrid, slightly bitter and slightly sweet, it has a neutral energy. One of the msot commonyl used regulating herbs, this herb is often used for Liver qi stagnation and pain relief.

As a gardening anecdote, nutgrass is frustratingly difficult plantlife to remove from a lawn. The fact that this plant must be systematically starved over a number of years to rid a lawn of starch to fuel the seeds, is testament to its ability to "regulate."


Pungent, slightly bitter, slightly sweet, neutral

Channels Entered

Liver, triple jiao

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