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Xue Jie (Dragon Blood Resin)


Xue Jie Herb (Dragon Blood Resin, Calamus Gum)

Daemonorops draco Bl.; Sanguis Draconi

Dragon's Blood resin, also called Calamus resin, is the sticky secretion of the Daemonorops plant fruit and stem. Sweet and salty and having a neutral energy, Dragon's Blood resin is another herb which is almost universally accepted as one of the simple base ingredients in dit da bruise liniments, and is the deputy ingredient in the classical formula, Qi Li San which makes up the base ingredient list for some Wing Chun dit da jow recipes.

The Xue Jie herb has recently become much more expensive and slightly more difficult to purchase, due to the supply and demand of this substance for other uses. We are happy to maintain large stocks of Dragon's Blood at prices which are extremely competitive.


Sweet, salty, neutral

Channels Entered

Heart, Liver

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