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Yi Shan Shen (Wildcrafted Mountain Ginseng)


Chinese Herb

Yi Shan Shen

Yi Shan Shen, Wildcrafted 10-year Mountain Ginseng : Planted wild in Chang Bai Shan forests of China and left alone for several years, Mountain Ginseng is the pinnacle of Chinese Ren Shen and the closest thing to true wild Ginseng. These beautiful roots have well developed shoulders, clear horizontal striations, and fine pearl points. They are striking specimens with a sweet taste that turns pleasantly bitter. Yi Shan Shen creates long lasting change when taken long-term. Its neutral nature and tangible effects matching the descriptions in the classics make it an extremely valuable and important medicinal. Yi Shan Shen feels like what ginseng should be.


Sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm

Channels Entered

Lung, Spleen

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