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Yu Zhu (Solomon's Seal)


Chinese Herb Yu Zhu (Solomon's Seal Herb)

Other Names:

Yu Zhu Herb, Fragrant Solomon’s Seal Rhizome, “Jade Bamboo,” Polygonatum rhizome, Polygonatum odoratum; Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati


Sweet, Slightly Cold, Neutral

Channels Entered:

Heart, Liver, Lung, Stomach


Tonify Yin, Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory

Other Information:

Currently, the Yu Zhu herb is becoming popular as a cardiovascular remedy for its ability to relax the cardiovascular and nervous systems. The same properties are why the Solomon's Seal herb treats Yin deficient conditions so well, especially when they involved emotional disturbances and stress. Yu Zhu is also good for treating externally contracted Wind-heat that has caused Yin Deficiency because it does not retain pathogenic influences nor cloying. 

The Yu Zhu herb has also been known to support skin health by promoting natural fluid retention. When intense hunger, dizziness, or constipation are present, Yu Zhu is a good herb to combat these symptoms. Additionally, if the patient shows signs of Lung Yin Deficiency, such as irritability, cough, dry throat, or thirst, Yu Zhu can help nourish the Yin and provide relief from these symptoms. 

The Yu Zhu herb is not recommended for those with Spleen Deficiency, accumulated dampness, loose stools (Cold), tachycardia, or high blood pressure. A few signs of overdose with the Solomon's Seal herb are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and a rash. 
Some of the herbs most commonly combined with Yu Zhu are Bai Bu, Dang Shen, and Yi Yi Ren. The Bai Bu combination is best for those with chronic cough, the Dang Shen helps Yu Zhu clear obstructions in the chest that may be painful, and the Yi Yi Ren supports Yu Zhu in clearing up a dry cough that produces thick sputum. Another combination is with Sheng Di Huang, which works with Yu Zhu to dissolve cysts. 

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