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Zi He Che (Placenta)


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Chinese Herb Zi He Che (TCM Placenta)

Other Names:

Zi He Che, Placenta, Homo Sapiens, Placenta Hominis


Bitter, Sweet, Salty, Warm

Channels Entered:

Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lung


Tonify Ying and Yang, Increase Libido, Nurtures Life

Other Information:

Zi He Che can be used to treat dysfunctions of libido, tinnitus, and low-back pain and is often used to combat symptoms of impotence, infertility, and spermatorrhea. Placenta also nourishes the Blood and can be used to increase lactation, especially after combating a major illness, In the lungs and kidneys, Zi He Che is active in reducing wheezing and night sweats. 

TCM placenta is not recommended for long-term use, or in those who have Stomach Fire of weakness. Zhi Zi He Che (prepared placenta) can be used for a longer period of time than Zi He Che. Zhi He Che is most often combined with Shu Di Huang, which strengthens the herbs' natural abilities to treat chronic weakness, Blood, Qi, and Jing Deficiency, low appetite, and anemia. It tonifies both the Ying and Yang. 

Compared to Lu Rong, Zi He Che is not drying but rather a harmonious and gradual supplement and promotes lactation, which Lu Rong does not. 

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