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Zi Su Zi (Perilla Seed)


Chinese Herb Zi Su Zi (Perilla Fruit)

Other Names:

Perilla Plant Seed, Perilla Fruit, Perilla frutescens (L.), Fructus Perillae


Acrid, Warm

Channels Entered: 

Lung, Large Intestine


Stops Cough, Transforms Phlegm, Relieves Constipation

Other Information:

Perilla is part of the mint family (Lamiaceae) and is a major Asianic crop. This annual plant attracts butterflies and smells distinctly minty. Perilla has long been used both culinarily and medicinally. Zi Su Zi is the fruit of the perilla plant, while Zi Su Ye is the leaf. 

In comparison to Zi Su Ye (leaf), Zi Su Zi (fruit) descends the Qi instead of releasing the exterior. In addition, Zi Su Ye stops nausea and harmonizes the Middle while working in the muscle layer to drain wind. 

For syndromes of wheezing and coughing, the Zi Su Zi herb works in the Lungs to calm and reduce Phlegm accumulation. This property is most useful is exhalation is more difficult than inhalation (most specifically when there is a stifling sensation in the chest). 

The Zi Su Zi herb also works in the intestines to ease constipation and bowel blockages, usually due to dryness. As well as the previously stated effects, Zi Su Zi has been noted to relieve anxiety. For those who are weak, perilla plant seeds can be used lightly to treat asthma or Cold-induced coughs.

Some of the most common herbal combinations for the Zi Su Zi herb are as follows. Xing Ren works well with this herb if wheezing and coughing are present in conjunction with constipation. Huo Ma Ren elevates the bowel moistening properties of Zi SU Zi in order to unblock bowels. Ting Li Zi helps relieve patients who have an accumulation of phlegm. One important thing to note about the Ting Li Zi combination is that its use should be stopped as soon as symptoms cease and it should not be used everyday or in the long run. 

As with all traditional Chinese medicines, perilla plant seed is not for everyone. Those with severe diarrhea or long-term cough should avoid using the Zi Su Zi herb because it is contradictory to those conditions. 

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Renee Lau
Prompt shipment, great value

Got my order of Perilla Seeds and Gun Powder Tea in good order and promptly. I have tasted the tea and have planted some of the perilla seeds.
Quality is very good!

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