Athletic training tonics


Athletic Training tonics

Athletic Training Tonics

Plum Dragon is proud to be able to provide athletes of all kinds with powerful tonics made with Chinese herbs and based on ancient formulas that have withstood the test of time producing amazing results throughout the centuries.

If you want to dramatically boost your performance to the next level, try each of these tonics which are made at home and aged like wine for 6 months (to increase potency) and then taken internally in small 1 ounce daily doses. 

For specific preparation, usage and dosage instructions, click here

Abundant Justice Training Tonic, 1 Gallon Herb Pack 

Abundant Justice Training Wine is a big formula and an incredible vitality and conditioning tonic. The formula has been used for centuries for conditioning the body, longevity, supporting Qi, improving circulation, strengthening the liver and kidneys, and strengthening bone and connective tissue. Learn more, here

Comprehensive Training Tonic, 1 Gallon Herb Pack

This formula contains 26 herbs designed to strengthen specifically the hands, forearms and upper body. Ideal for stick fighting, boxing, weight lifting, martial arts, iron palm, etc. 

Internally support development and strengthening of bones/joints, sinew, and the fascia of the hands.Unblock and open the channels/meridians and relax the musculoskeletal system, allowing meridians to operate at their most efficient.Injury herbs which help to combat training injuries so you don't have to take time off.Maintain the energy required for training that is taxing on the body's energy reserves.

Learn more, here

Fall and Winter Training Tonic, 1 Gallon Herb Pack 

Super strong, kick-ass power tonic! Designed to support the strength of the sinews and bones, knees, and lower back and helps eliminate joint stiffness. It supports liver and kidney health and promotes the maintenance of healthy testosterone levels. It increases vital energy, enriches the blood, strengthens muscles, improves circulation and nourishes the fluids. Learn more, here


You can make your own 1 gallon of tonic at home by mixing the 1 gallon herb pack with vodka in a 1 gallon jug. The alcohol is used to extract the nutrition from the herbs over time. This process takes a minimum of 6 months to reach full strength potency. You can order the herb pack and the jug from us, or you can order the herb pack and provide your own jug. No vodka is provided and must be supplied by the purchaser.

*You can also prepare these herb packs in a crock pot with 1 gallon of water to make a strong tea, but the effects will not be as potent. The formula will not last as long as an alcohol formula since the alcohol prevents any spoilage. You can also add about 1/3 alcohol to 2/3 water to preserve the formula longer and reduce the alcohol content. However, to gain the best results, it is best to follow the instructions provided. 

Complete instructions are included with your purchase and can also be viewed on our website, here.

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