Plum Dragon Herbs

Athletic Training Teas


Reishi & Astragalus Chai Training Tea, 10 oz. 

Supports the body as it repairs the daily damage being done by strenuous athletic activity. The powerful combination of Ling Zhi (Reishi) and Huang Qi (Astragalus) are an adaptogenic powerhouse providing unparalleled support for the functions of the body's central nervous and immune systems. Helps support healthy blood sugar balance in the body. Learn more, here

Reishi-Green Chai Training Tea, 10 oz. 

The combination of Reishi and Green Tea provide a powerful support for the body's endurance, cardiovascular output, energy levels, immune system and metabolism. This tea would also be a valuable nutritional addition to any weight loss program. Contains caffeine. Learn more, here.

Plum Dragon Chai Training Tea, 6 oz. & 12 oz.

This Chai tea is perfect for accelerating and enhancing training during the late fall and winter months. Its warming herbs warm the body and the joints, open the channels and raise the Yang. This tea tastes wonderful and has an almost numbing property. Learn more, here

Super Antioxidant Longevi-Tea, 10 oz. 

A powerful combination of herbs historically known to promote longevity and anti-aging.  Supports healthy respiration, reproduction, metabolism and energy levels, skin health, blood pressure and cholesterol, immunity, hormone function and sleep just to name a few!! Learn more, here

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