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Dit Da Jow | Hong Kong Secret Formula (Herb Pack)


Hong Kong Secret Formula Dit Da Jow

This is a special formula that Rodney Morgan shared with our private member group that focuses on promoting healthy knuckles and wrists during Iron Palm Training.

Rodney is a long time practitioner of Iron Palm and a closed-door student of Ricky Pickens from the “John” Winglok Ng kung fu lineage. Rodney is also well-versed in Chinese herbs and their application in martial arts and was a recent guest on our podcast.

Hong Kong Secret Formula Dit Da Jow is based on a recipe that came from a famous Iron Palm master from Hong Kong back in the 70s. The combination of herbs are intended to help injuries to the knuckles and wrists. 

For the full story, or to ask Rodney more questions about this formula, we welcome you to check out membership in our private forum. The forum, which is moderated by original Plum Dragon owner Josh Walker, offers enormous benefits for those wanting to dig deeper into herbalism or martial arts. 


Hong Hua, San Qi, Tian Nan Xing, Zi Ran Tong, Huang Jing, Su Mu
Huai Niu Xi, Gou Teng, Dang Gui Wei, Bai Zhi, Ze Lan, Mo Yao, Cao Wu, Song Jie, Jiang Huang, Bai Ji Zi, Cang Zhu, Xi Xin, Huang Qi, Tao Ren, Ru Xiang, Chuan Wu, Rou Cong Rong, Ban Xia, Gu Sui Bu, Zhang Nao, E Zhu, Gui Zhi, Zhi Zi, Xue Jie

For EXTERNAL use only.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, eyes or mouth at any time.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Langley
My favorite formula!

Has a super slippery consistency which really helps with the post Iron Palm massage. Smells incredibly minty from all the camphor in it, but also after that wears off it smells like maple syrup and soy sauce.

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