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Ling Zhi (Reishi Mushroom, Ganoderma)


Ling Zhi, also known as reishi or ganoderma, is a highly sought-after medicinal mushroom that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Herbalists have long valued this mushroom for its potent health benefits, which include supporting the immune system, promoting heart health, and reducing stress and anxiety. Plum Dragon Herbs is proud to offer the highest quality Ling Zhi, sourced from the best growers and processors.

One of the most powerful benefits of Ling Zhi is its ability to support the immune system. This mushroom contains a variety of compounds that can help to boost the body's natural defenses against infections and illnesses. Additionally, it has been shown to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, which can be beneficial for overall mental well-being.

Ling Zhi can be easily incorporated into daily routine by taking a supplement, or by adding it to teas, soups, and broths. If you're looking for a powerful herbal supplement that can help to support your overall health and well-being, look no further than Ling Zhi. 

In addition to its many health benefits, Ling Zhi is also considered a symbol of longevity and is often used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote overall health and well-being. Trust in the quality and potency of our Ling Zhi supplements and experience the benefits for yourself.

High Quality Ling Zhi: What does it look like?

High quality Ling Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum) herb should have the following characteristics:

  • A glossy, dark red or black color (when whole)
  • A smooth, shiny surface
  • A slightly bitter, yet sweet taste
  • A strong, earthy odor
  • A dense, woody texture
  • A consistent shape and size
  • No signs of mold or insect damage
  • Free from pesticides and other chemicals

The best Ling Zhi is collected from wild or organic cultivation, and should be stored in a cool, dry place. It should be used within two years of harvest. It is also important to note that as with any herb or supplement, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before use, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking any medications.

It is also good to note that there are also other species that are sold as Ling Zhi, but only Ganoderma lucidum is the true Ling Zhi, also sometimes referred as Reishi mushroom.

How is Ling Zhi prepared and processed?

Reishi mushrooms, also known as Ganoderma lucidum and Ling Zhi, are a type of medicinal mushroom that can be grown both in the wild and in cultivation.

In cultivation, Ling Zhi reishi mushrooms prefer to grow on hardwood logs or sawdust blocks, and can also be grown on straw or wood chips. They require high humidity (80-90%) and temperatures between 60-85°F, with the optimal temperature range being between 68-77°F. They also require a dark environment, as they do not produce chlorophyll and do not require sunlight to grow.

Ling Zhi are typically grown in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse, or indoors in a humidity-controlled room. They are typically grown in a spawn, which is a mixture of mycelium and grain, and are placed on the substrate (logs, sawdust, straw, wood chips) and incubated for several weeks until the spawn colonizes the substrate. Once the spawn has colonized the substrate, the mushrooms will begin to fruit, usually after about 2-3 months.

Reishi mushrooms are sensitive to pollutants and pesticides, so it is important that pure and clean spawn and substrates are used. They also need to be kept in a clean environment, with good air circulation and humidity control. They are also considered as a slow-growing mushroom, which means it may take several months to harvest the first crop.

It's important to note that Reishi mushrooms are a medicinal mushroom and should be grown under strict conditions and with the appropriate quality control measures in place to ensure that the final product is safe and effective for consumption. All Ling Zhi sourced by Plum Dragon Herbs has been evaluated and meets the highest quality standards. 

Popular Recipe for Ling Zhi

Ling Zhi, also known as Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi mushroom, is a commonly used herb in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that is believed to have immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to help with issues related to immunity, stress, and fatigue.

Here is a recipe for a traditional Chinese tea that includes Ling Zhi:



  1. In a small pot, add the dried Ling Zhi powder, chrysanthemum flowers, and goji berries.
  2. Add 2 cups of water to the pot and bring it to a boil over medium-high heat.
  3. Reduce the heat to low and let the tea simmer for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Strain the tea and discard the solids.
  5. Drink the tea while it's warm.

Note: you can adjust the quantity of Ling Zhi to your preference and also add other ingredients such as honey or lemon juice to suit your taste.

It's important to note that Ling Zhi should be used with caution because it can interact with other medications, and it can cause side effects like stomach upset and dry mouth. It's always recommended consulting with a licensed healthcare practitioner before using it.

Another way to use ling Zhi is to make a Ling Zhi mushroom tea, where you can use dried or fresh Ling Zhi mushroom, you can simmer it with some water for 20-30 minutes or until the water turn brown. strain the liquid and drink it.

Safety Precautions for the use of Ling Zhii

Ling Zhi, also known as Ganoderma lucidum or reishi mushroom, is a traditional Chinese herb that is commonly used in herbal supplements and traditional Chinese medicine. When using Ling Zhi, it is important to take the following precautions:

  1. Consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner to determine the appropriate dosage and any potential interactions with other medications or conditions.

  2. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid using Ling Zhi.

  3. People with bleeding disorders or taking blood-thinning medications should be cautious when using Ling Zhi as it may increase the risk of bleeding.

  4. People with a compromised immune system should be cautious when using Ling Zhi as it may cause an allergic reaction.

  5. People with autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, should avoid using Ling Zhi as it may exacerbate symptoms.

  6. As with any dietary supplement, it is always recommended that you speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

It’s important to note that this is a general guideline and it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional or herbalist to determine the right dosage and usage for you

Additional Information about Ling Zhi

Common Names: Ling Zhi Herb, (Ganoderma, Lucid ganoderma, Reishi mushroom) ; Ganoderma Lucidum; Ganoderma 灵芝

Properties: Sweet, neutral

Channels Entered: Heart, Liver, Lung

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