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Ren Shen (Ginseng Root)


Ren Shen Herb (Ginseng Root)

Panax ginseng; Radix Ginseng

Asian ginseng, Chinese ginseng, Korean ginseng, Asiatic ginseng, Oriental ginseng

Ginseng is tantamount to the King of Tonic Herbs. With a long history of research and study, it is popular for good reason -it's a powerful herb! Now experience our high caliber Ginseng; our exclusive Chinese supplier means we have Ginseng Root for sale like nobody else in the US!

We offer the following types of Ginseng Root for Sale:

Organic White Chinese Ginseng (You Ji Bai Ren Shen) and Organic Red Chinese Ginseng (You Ji Hong Ren Shen): Chinese Kirin or Jilin Ginseng is harvested after the fourth year. PlumDragon offers very high quality, loose, Organic Jilin Ginseng.

Organic Whole Red Ginseng: Certified organic whole Red Ginseng (sometimes called transition Ginseng) is of a substantially higher quality than what appears in clinics and online shops. This higher echelon Ginseng has high density striking chrysanthemum patterns in the root cross-section, a deep golden luster to the skin, and are of an entirely different class of Ginseng than what is available on the rest of the US market. (Currently unavailable.)

Yi Shan Shen Wildcrafted 10-year Mountain Ginseng : Planted wild in Chang Bai Shan forests of China and left alone for several years, Mountain Ginseng is the pinnacle of Chinese Ren Shen and the closest thing to true wild Ginseng. These beautiful roots have well-developed shoulders, clear horizontal striations, and fine pearl points. They are striking specimens with a sweet taste that turns pleasantly bitter. Yi Shan Shen creates long-lasting change when taken long-term. Its neutral nature and tangible effects matching the descriptions in the classics make it an extremely valuable and important medicinal. Yi Shan Shen feels like what ginseng should be.

Korean Red Panax Ginseng: Korean Ginseng is highly coveted and one of the most expensive delineations of Ginseng. Our special Korean Ginseng is a full root of fantastic potency and exemplifies the pinnacle of Korean Ginseng quality! We are pleased to offer among the highest quality Korean Ginseng available in the US at very competitive prices. Try it out and decide for yourself. (Currently unavailable.)

American Ginseng Root (Xi Yang Shen) is listed as a separate product. Please see that product description for more information.


Sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm

Channels Entered

Lung, Spleen


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