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San Huang San


San Huang San (Three Yellow Powder) -- 4.5 oz

San Huang San (herbal ice) is a combination of 3 cooling herbs that effectively alleviate pain and inflammation in injuries. Unlike the ice pack that is used in Western settings, these 3 herbs help increase local circulation to break stasis, while cooling energy reduces heat and pain, helping accelerate and smooth the natural healing process. Try applying this as a poultice instead of ice and see the difference!

Additionally, we add 1 extra "yellow" which assists the original recipe by increasing local circulation to reduce stagnation from bleeding (hematoma): The Plum Dragon Herbs 4 yellows is born!

San Huang San (herbal ice) is available as a pack of whole herbs to preserve freshness, or as a coarsely ground powder. To use San Huang San, simply set aside enough herb to cover the injury.  If you purchased the herbs whole (which preserves freshness), coarsely grind the herbs at the time of use. Add Vaseline, egg whites, water or green tea until the powder has a thick consistency (many customers also enjoy mixing with olive oil). Coat the injury thickly with San Huang San and cover with gauze or paper towel and fix in place with an elastic bandage or gauze roll. Keep the bandage loose enough to allow good circulation but tight enough to ensure the poultice is snug against the skin.


Rhubarb, Phellodendron Bark, Skullcap, Cattail Pollen.

San Huang San (herbal ice) is sold in 100g quantities, which will last a substantial number of applications. We recommend purchasing San Huang San whole and grinding yourself (if possible) to preserve freshness.

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