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Sang Ye (Mulberry leaf)


Chinese Herb Sang Ye (Mulberry Leaf)

Other Names: 

Sang Ye Herb, Morus Leaf, Dried Mulberry Leaf, Morus alba L.; Folium Mori 


Bitter, Cool, Sweet

Channels Entered:

Lung, Liver


Fever and Headache Reducer, Antibiotic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Septic

Other Information: 

The Sang Ye herb grows natively and is cultivated in many provinces of China including Sichuan, Guangdong, Anhui, Hunan, and Zhejiang. Other varieties of mulberry also grow in North America. Mulberry is a small, deciduous tree, and Sang Ye is the leaves that are harvested. Often, Sany Ye is harvested as a second-growth leaf and then tried before being powdered. The dried mulberry leaf powder itself can be consumed orally or boiled into soup and tea. Morus alba L is also sometimes processed by being fried with honey, which enhances the herbs' natural abilities to arrest cough and moisten the lungs. For oral use, the Sang Ye herb is commonly combined with Chrysanthemum. 

In comparison to Sang Zhi (which is also from the Mulberry plant), Sang Ye better dispels exterior wind of the head and face while Sang Zhi cools heat and relieves pain through the limbs and joints. 

Active in the liver, the Sang Ye herb relieves eye problems that are symptoms of Yin Deficiency, as well, it can help reduce vertigo, painful eyes, and spots in vision. Sang Ye can also be prepared and used topically as an eye was in the presence of such eye problems and is sometimes used in place of antibiotics through injection. 

Those with cold or weak lungs should use caution when taking dried Mulberry leaf as well as those with Qi Deficiency. 

The Sang Ye herb is most often combined with Ju Hua, Jie Geng, and Xing Ren to help ease symptoms of Wind-heat, cough, and headache from Warm-Dryness disorders respectively. In China, Sang Ye is traditionally used to stop menstruation, nose bleeds, and swelling. It is most effective to use Sang Ye at the onset of feverish conditions, including those of swelling, headache, pain and coughing. 

Some of the active components in Sang Ye are flavonoids and sterols such as quercetin and stigmasterol. Dried Mulberry leaf also contains many volatile oils and important acids. 

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