EP09 The Power to Heal Lies Within Ourselves

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“...you have the power to heal, you have the power to let go of all of this stress."—Sharron

In this podcast series, we are speaking to Sharron Rose, a filmmaker, choreographer, composer, author, teacher, and healer who has imparted her vast knowledge of ancient and traditional cultures throughout the world. She is currently directing and producing the forthcoming documentary series "Quantum Qi," the Taoist Art of Nurturing Life. This groundbreaking series will feature numerous well-known qigong and tai chi masters, TCM practitioners, teachers and scholars. We're excited to find out more about this series today, and to talk with Sharron about ways we can connect with our true nature and life force, and to learn how to deal with pain and emotions in healthy ways. We'll be walking through some simple techniques we can use anywhere to help our body to heal itself. 


Show Notes:

1:20 Sharron introduces herself and tells about her life’s journey.

4:17 Details about Sharron’s crowdfunder for her forthcoming Quantum Qi Documentary Series.

5:48 Quantum Qi is designed in a beautiful way like ancient Chinese watercolor paintings.

10:19 We can learn to gather qi from nature, to bring it into our organs, to facilitate healing.

13:30 Qigong  can be a great adjunct to conventional medicine--any work with it can enliven our energy and make us feel like we can begin to take healing into our own hands.

19:00 Alternative medicine provides tools to help ourselves and to stop feeling like a victim. 

21:15 We are all gifted human beings, why can’t we learn to love each other and appreciate what we have?

22:08 Part of the disturbance in our lives is caused by social media.


we do have … all these different technological devices where we can reach each other, but why can't we reach each other in joy, and in upliftment, and in healing?”


23:40 How we handle our emotions and how quickly we are triggered can impact our well-being.

27:27: Taking the time to nurture our self or just spend even half an hour a day in nature or doing qigong or meditation can help us feel more calm and centered.

28:30 Walking through what a Qigong session at home might look like.

36:30 You can feel the benefits of doing Qigong very quickly in life.

41:00 Some of Sharron’s daily health practices and recommendations: cutting out sugar, drinking lots of water, incorporating exercises for strength and flexibility, self-examining physical and emotional holding patterns and releasing tension.

46:00 You have the power to heal yourself; self-doubt just means you are ready for the next level 

47:45 A special offer from Sharron for listeners of this podcast (see details below).


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Find out more about Sharron Rose and connect with her on LinkedIn. You can learn more about her forthcoming Quantum Qi Documentary Series here and visit the crowdfunder.

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Filmmaker, author, teacher and healer Sharron Rose offers a series of audio meditations on how to rest in the nourishing and revitalizing light of Qi. Experience new levels of relaxation, bliss, joy, empathy and love. (20 minutes ).


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