EP11 Eli Knight Discusses Impact of Martial Arts on Mental Health

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I think that one of the most healthy things you can do for yourself psychologically, mentally or emotionally is to be present in the moment....And for me, I haven't seen anything as good for doing that as combat sports...."—Eli Knight

In this podcast, we are speaking to Eli Knight, 2nd Degree Black Belt, whose technique videos on YouTube have made a phenomenal splash in the jiu jitsu world. 

Show Notes:

0:22   Eli introduces himself and his background in martial arts and his success on YouTube.

6:35   Eli’s start into martial arts and how he was mentored and eventually got into teaching with Jason Hawkins.

9:48   Impact of martial arts on our mental health.

12:45 How martial arts was an outlet for Eli dealing with some traumatic life events.

13:50 How combative arts can actually calm the mind; you have to be in the moment.

18:18 Benefits of training in martial arts for depression, anxiety, ADHD and autism.

24:14 Martial Arts teaches you what focus is.

29:35 How Eli has seen martial arts improve students’ self-esteem.

It’s great to see people who are very introverted come out of their shell.”

34:40 A healthy dose of realism is one of the biggest things you can get from martial arts

37:15 Just because someone is impressive doesn’t mean they’ll be a good coach

39:10 Upcoming seminars and projects that Eli is working on

43:00 Eating clean but not getting too tied up in fads

50:57 How people can reach out to Eli or connect with him online


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