EP19 A Personal Conversation with the Goddess of Gratitude

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You can have a freak out moment. You can make a mistake. But, it's all about how do you bring it back, you know? And how fast does it take for you to come back?—Shilamida


Joining us today is Shilamida Kupershteyn, a Licensed Acupuncturist, entrepreneur, best selling author, spiritual mentor and a retreat leader. A true rags to riches story, Shilamida shares how she went from foods stamps to first class. Shilamida is a mom to 3 boys and 2 bonus boys and resides with her soul mate in NJ. She loves to travel, have fun and manifest her every desire while teaching others how to do the same.

Learn how to be grateful from the Goddess of Gratitude herself! Shilamida shares her deeply moving, personal story and invites others to embark on their own healing journey. Find out how you can deal with the less than savory aspects of life that often come and how to become the best version of yourself.

Show Notes:

0:44 Shilamida’s latest book From Food Stamps to First Class, a spiritual self-help book with stories from her life.

2:00 Working through her anger when she was told her dad was dying from cancer and her mom found out she was also battling breast cancer.  Dealing with fight or flight fear and alcohol and drug use.

3:27 Finding the religion Kabbalah was a big part of her healing journey. She also was doing well in her career and earning six-figures.

4:15 By the time she was 27, however, she lost it all.  She lost her dad, got pregnant and found herself living on food stamps.

4:45 Heard the word acupuncture for the very first time while starting massage therapy school.

5:00 Learning about the impact of her negative emotions and how the law of attraction could help her.

6:45 The focus of her acupuncture practice in anxiety, depression, stress reduction, headaches, migraines and fertility.

7:45 One of the biggest mistakes people make in their emotional/mental health is suppressing their feelings, which then manifest in physical aches and pains and disease.

8:30 Going gluten and dairy free has been a life changer for her and helped her to lose weight.

9:30 How leaky gut syndrome can affect your mental health.

13:20 Allowing herself a few indulgences like wine and sweets.

15:20 Why she developed a gratitude membership program.

16:40 Expressing gratitude at least 20 times a day is her recommendation for changing negative thinking patterns.

19:07 Daily reminders, weekly love notes, monthly guided meditations, vlogs, and quarterly live coaching calls are part of Shilamida’s coaching program.

24:50 How to teach gratitude to kids and teach them about manifesting things they want but don’t yet have.

27:44 If people seem to be a little stuck in their negative thinking, Shilamida recommends learning about the law of attraction and the law of reflection, as well the impact of giving service.

34:36 Letting go and/or taking a break from influences and people that trigger you in order to facilitate healing.

47:00 Parents shouldn’t try to live out their own dreams through their children.

48:15 How to get in touch with Shilamida.

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