EP21 Doctor Shares the Secrets to Optimal Health and Fitness Gains

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In this episode, we're speaking with Dr. Carl Russo, who has been a doctor of chiropractic since 2010 and received a masters in Clinical Nutrition in 2018. He grew up in New York and is married with an almost 2-year-old son.

His current practice is inside a CrossFit gym.  Dr. Russo shares his journey leaving a more traditional medical office to pursue what he truly enjoys: helping people unlock their potential and be the best that they can be. 

Show Notes:

2:17 Why Dr. Russo re-started his practice in a cross-fit gym.

5:11 Felt drawn to natural healing over mainstream medicine.

8:52 Carbs are not necessarily the enemy; some people aren’t getting enough “gas” to fuel their bodies

13:00 Losing weight slow and steady is better than speeding to the finish line...and other weight loss tips.

17:45 Problems that young athletes face when they push their bodies too hard.

25:00 Getting the word out on alternative medicine to address inflammation in the body.

29:00 How Plum Dragon Dit Da Jow herbal analgesics work.

32:00 Using natural remedies may involve smaller incremental improvements over time rather than providing "instant fixes". Mainstream painkiller medicine focuses on shutting off pain but does nothing for healing.

38:30 Specific Tips for Men’s Fitness:

  1. Hydration: Drink half of your body weight in ounces and a 8 oz of water for every cup of coffee that you drink (which is dehydrating).
  2. Flexibility: Before doing physical activity, make sure you are doing stretches or working on mobility for those things.
  3. Warm-up your body before your activity.
  4. Don’t overdo it!

42:38 Why sleep is your biggest recovery tool.

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