Five Potent Ways to Reduce Your Stress and Improve Your Well Being

A lot of you have been asking us about remedies for reducing stress, and other solutions related to that, like improving your sleep, reducing anxiety, balancing your blood sugar, and boosting your immunity.

Clearly, a number of you are astute enough to know that these are all closely related. Stress wreaks havoc on your blood sugar and your immune system, increases your anxiety and disturbs your sleep, which makes you even more stressed … and then the vicious cycle begins. Your concentration scatters. You become irritated at the slightest things. You can’t remember anything anymore.
Then, if the stress becomes chronic, it also eats away at your lean tissues -- including your joints, your skin, and your arteries and veins. It also busies itself with reducing your sex drive and jacking up your abdominal fat.

No one wants to be on that road, but stress is so commonplace in modern society that we just accept it as a part of life, like sunsets and winter snow.

So if you’re dealing with any of the symptoms of excess stress, we’ve got some great news for you. We went hunting far and wide to find the best remedies that traditional Chinese medicine has to offer, and we struck herbal gold. Here’s five potent new products that can help you interrupt that vicious stress cycle and restore your inner balance and vitality:

Serene Spirit Tea Pills (formerly called Calm Spirit)

If you are experiencing:

Excessive emotions Loss of self-control Impulsiveness Mood swings
Anxiety Excessive worry Over thinking Melancholy
Crying spells Inappropriate laughter Frequent yawning Moaning or deep sighing
Restless sleep Insomnia Night sweats  


Then check out our Serene Spirit Tea Pills, which utilize a unique blend of ingredients known in Traditional Chinese Medicine to restore balance to the heart and other disturbed energy systems responsible for creating this kind of unrest. If your mind is frazzled and your feelings are all over the place, Serene Spirit is our #1 recommendation.


If you are experiencing:

insomnia forgetfulness fatigue listlessness
poor appetite weak immune system infection high blood pressure
High cholesterol anxiety Volatile blood sugar levels  


Then Reishi Capsules may be the right choice. This medicinal mushroom extract effectively nourishes the Heart and Calms the Shen, balances blood sugar and cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the immune system and fighting off infection, restoring peaceful sleep and allowing your full faculties of mind to be restored. If you're experiencing both the emotional and the cardiovascular effects of stress, Reishi is a perfect choice.

*** Update 7/25/19: Since we don't have an ETA from Plum Flower about when the Reishi or Triple Mushroom capsules will be back in stock, you may wish to consider the Reshi & Astragalus Chai Training Tea to boost your energy and calm your mood.***



An Mien Pien

If you are experiencing:

insomnia confusion excessive brooding nervous exhaustion
anxiety palpitations irritability restlessness
agitation depression forgetfulness poor memory
poor concentration mental fatigue red eyes disorientation


An Mien Pian is a great option for you.  It's particularly good for insomnia. In TCM, this formula calms the Shen, Nourishes Blood, Clears Heart Heat, Transforms Phlegm, and Regulates Digestion. Give yourself the boost you need!

Triple Mushroom Formula

If you want a slew of benefits in one place, our new Triple Mushroom Capsules combine Reishi, Maitake, and Shitake in a concentrated Extract for super enhanced immunity, cancer-prevention and support, blood sugar and cholesterol balance.
Reishi Mushrooms  provide antioxidant support, anti-inflammatory action, cardiotonic effects along with Antiviral/Antibacterial effects.
Shiitake Mushrooms  stimulate the immune system, lower cholesterol, prevent cancer and heart disease, accelerate weight loss, and are a rich/bioavailable source of iron.
Maitake Mushrooms have  the ability to lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar, enhance the immune system, prevent free radicals from harming the body’s systems and help inhibit cancer development.


There's plenty of lifestyle and nutritional changes you can employ that will enhance the benefits of these formulas even more, but if you're deep in the middle of a stress cycle, start with one of these and work the lifestyle improvements in where and when you can.

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