Why Does Ho Family Dit Da Jow Work So Well?

Ho Family Dit Da Jow is wildly popular among those who are in-the-know. It’s been the best-selling dit da jow at Plum Dragon for several years and is always garnering new users. It consistently produces rave reviews, as customers are awed by the speed and quality of its results. It smells good, it feels great, and it functions fantastically.

So, what makes it so awesome? Why do people love it so much? There are at least three reasons.

#1. Ho Family Dit Da Jow Merges the Wisdom of Many Traditions

Ho Family is a massive formula that has emerged from the integrated knowledge of martial arts schools that once were segregated and secretive. This sets it apart from many of the other formulas out there (both the good ones and not-so-good ones!).

For much of their history, the healing formulas of many competing martial arts schools were kept secret, preventing the sharing of each other’s accumulated wisdom and experience. But in recent years, many teachers and practitioners have become more open minded, and many of these schools have begun experimenting with other formulas and with different methods of using them. This has encouraged new development, progression and understanding.

As this churning of ideas continues, the cream slowly rises to the top. That’s the milieu in which Ho Family was born.

There is a misguided belief that, to be a purist in the tradition of Chinese medicine, one should attempt to maintain all formulas unchanged from a time in the past. But in fact, modifying, experimenting, and making alterations to arrive at a better formula is part of tradition and part of the “old school” way of dit da, and has been central to the long historical process that gave us those traditional formulas to begin with.

While there is nothing wrong with using a formula frozen in time, it is up to the current generation to continue the effort to advance and enhance the traditional formulas to arrive at the most effective formulas possible.


#2: Ho Family Dit Da Jow is Exquisitely Balanced and Synergistic

Ho Family Dit Da Jow contains over 30 strong herbs that are functionally interwoven with each other and exquisitely balanced.

Most of those herbs have a strong main action, and at least one other action that is supporting one or more other herbs with their own strong actions. The herbs work together in a potent, synergistic fashion such that if we were to draw a diagram with lines going from each herb to other strong herbs that support similar functions, we would have a chaotic spider-web of lines connecting all these substances together.

Here are just two examples:

  • Chuan Xiong is used for warming but it’s also a very decent Blood Invigorator and supports stronger herbs like San Leng.
  • San Qi stops bleeding, but it’s well-known to strongly increase blood circulation, where it works nicely with Hong Hua and Tao Ren.

    Balanced Heating and Cooling Properties

    Ho Family is composed of several extremely warming substances, including:

    But these are balanced out by cooling agents such as Da Huang, and Zhi Zi along with Wind-Damp and Yang tonic herbs for the bones/joints and sinews such as Xu Duan and Gu Sui Bu, and stronger herbs such as Tu Bie Chong and Wei Ling Xian.

    Each of these heating herbs have other primary functions, but their secondary warming qualities unite to produce a synergistic warming experience unique to the formula. (This is further enhanced by ingredients that are present specifically for their heating qualities, like a form of Cayenne Pepper with a very high Scoville Heat Unit (SHU).


    Balanced Effects on the Blood

    Alongside the balancing of heating and cooling comes a second pair of actions on the blood. Ho Family Dit Da Jow has a number of strong blood movers, such as:

    • San Leng
    • E Zhu
    • Hong Hua
    • Tao Ren
    • Jiang Huang
    • Su Mu

    In turn, these are balanced out by agents that stop bleeding, primarily San Qi and Xue Jie.


    #3. Ho Family Dit Da Jow is Precisely Processed and Measured for Optimal Effects

    Certain substances are ground to enhance their action; some substances undergo Pao Zhi to ensure proper extraction and function; herbal combinations are used to enhance functionality, such as Xu Duan and Gu Sui Bu, Hong Hua and Tao Ren, and Gan Jiang and Fu Zi.

    Measurements and preparations matter. Great care is taken at Plum Dragon to produce Ho Family with very precise and accurate measurements.

    Purity and quality matter, too. Only the highest quality, most potent herbs to be found are used in the preparation of Plum Dragon products. All Plum Dragon Dit Da Jow formulas are well-tended and carefully nurtured throughout the aging process. The formulas never touch any plastic in any part of the process, are stored at optimal temperatures in air-tight glass containers and are routinely blended to ensure full incorporation of all herbal components into the final product.

    Because of the sheer size of the Ho Family formula and quantities of each herb used in the recipe, the Ho Family Dit Da Jow becomes a very thick and concentrated liniment that powerfully soothes injuries.

    If you haven’t taken the time to try it out, you owe it to yourself to do so–this liniment belongs on the “Top 5” liniments you must try!