"I am a HUGE Ho Family Dit Da Jow fan. I first learned about jow while training traditional Shaolin gong fu and I’ve yet to come across a better recipe. I recently dislocated and fractured my ankle, and ruptured the ligaments. It was a pretty serious injury that would normally take months to heal. I decided to remove my plaster splint early and began massaging the jow into it every day. I still have a week to go before I’m technically supposed to get the splint removed and I’m already up and walking! I am able to practice yoga and nearly all of the stiffness is gone in the ankle. This is a none short of a miracle!! Thank you Plum Dragon for offering such amazing herbal recipes, I am so grateful for the healing!" - Jennifer Caravella, Waking Bird Website comment, February 25, 2016

"This stuff is simply amazing. I got it hoping it will help me get back into makewara training, and glad I did. It cuts my recovery time to hours, instead of days. I have been using it for the last 3 weeks – it works just as described: reduces bruising almost instantly, relieves pain and swelling very quickly. Also, the smell is very pleasant. I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed! Last but not least, thank you guys so much for the quick shipping to Canada. After trying this product, I ordered a gallon herb pack as well. Many thanks, Plum Dragon." - Phil Gallo December 22, 2015 – Website Comment

"Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. manufactures high quality products for use in healing and martial arts training. Their liniment formulas are second to none, and their customer service is great." - Adam Phillip, Somerton, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

"[Jeet Kune Do formula] Great jow for limb knocking and iron bone, I have found it especially helpful for shin and forearm conditioning, really helps chase off any niggling aches and pains and destroys bruises in no time. Another fantastic plum dragon product, well-done guys!" - Alicia Brewer, Tempe, Arizona, United States

"You don’t have to be a martial artist to benefit from this wonderful jow! My sport is mountain trail running and I have several chronic injuries that are finally being helped by this jow (Ancestors Advanced Iron Palm Dit Da Jow). Great stuff!" - D Dunn, Email Testimonial

"My somewhat limited experience with Plum Dragon; the products, the web site, the educational opportunities presented therein, customer experiences, advice and the customer service has been, on every occasion, worthy of superlatives…one comes to mind that is abused and jaded, but in this case, “awesome” is appropriate. What is reminiscent of days gone by; assorted product options, high-quality products, customer-focused, rapid-reaction service, education and advice, appears to be “business as usual” with Plum Dragon. Uncommon and becoming even more rare. Even when my small orders, often creating more headaches for your staff, yield little in the way of profit, I am treated as a customer who may order much larger quantities w/o the head pains. My wish is that Plum Dragon remains “as-is,” as it continues to grow and prosper. Best wishes for a prosperous, healthy and relatively-injury-free 2018!" - Jennifer Norfolk, Chester, MD, USA

"I got some of the Bruise Juice to attempt to alleviate my rheumatoid arthritis pain, on a recommendation I received from Lisa. I was blown away by the results I experienced. The swelling and pain started to subside within 20 minutes. I have been able to go completely off the many doses of Alieve I was using to try to control the pain, which is a huge relief because I am in my 30’s and very concerned about the long term side effects of using the Alieve pills. I still feel grateful to Lisa and Plum Dragon everyday for helping me with the Bruise Juice. It helps my arthritis tremendously!" - Ben

"I was one of the 15% unlucky ones who experienced nerve damage as a result of shingles which I had over 4 years ago. The nerve damage has continued to cause pain whenever anything (including clothes) touch the area on the right side of my back and under my arm. I can not tell you how well your product worked on removing the sensitivity of that nerve damage after only a few applications. I wish I has been introduced to this “miracle” product [Ho Family] long ago." - Chic Palmer

"In 2010, I was involved in a serious auto accident that caused catastrophic spine fractures that required emergency fusion, that coupled with the removal of a rib to facilitate the fusion left me with unbelievable disc pain and left hip neuralgia. Thankfully, during my recovery I discovered your company and ordered a four ounce bottle of Ho Family Dit Da Jow, as well as enough herbs to make a gallon. It truly is a miraculous formula that actually relieved the nerve pain and sciatica as well as calming the nearly constant back and quad spasms. The relief was real and prolonged and I was able to share the Jow I made with other people who achieved similar results, (in fact, I gave all the rest away). It truly was a life saver and allowed me to sleep soundly through many nights that would have been horribly long without it." - Mike Dellamano

"My husband tore his rotator cuff and was in a lot of pain. Surgery is not an option for him at this time so I was looking for alternative remedies to get him comfortable … I bought a bottle of [Ho Family] Dit Da Jow hoping for some relief for him. After using it several times a day, the pain started subsiding and he could actually move his arm…We continue to apply the Dit Da Jow several times a day. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! He has not taken any pain med, ibuprofen, etc. and is getting better every day! I never would have believed this would make such a difference given his injury, but it did…" - Tara Cillo

"My knee would not heal. I could not bend my knee or get the swelling to go away. My son in law told me to try the product that his friend had sent to him for his shoulder. I used it and after 30 minutes I could bend my knee and walk normally. I will always keep this product in my home. It is better than taking meds. - Ginger Roth Thrilled to have found this [Ho Family Dit Da Jow]. I wanted a product that was respectfully crafted and authentic and did some research first, finding Plum Dragon. I have a torn rotator cuff, was suffering from dull, constant aches and limited range of motion. I use this before and after therapeutic stretching and it’s really great. All of my symptoms are greatly reduced as I heal. I have used Sombra, Arnica Gel, Tiger Balm, etc. None compare. Stay away from ice, get the Qi going with this and be gentle with yourself. A HUGE fan!" - Andrew Pannullo, LMT, Personal Trainer (HIT) Aikido instructor/QI-gong practitioner

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