EP07 Knock Out Your Ego Before Your Opponent

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“...when you are calling things out to people during training, you're really fighting their ego, right? It's not a physical thing...a huge, huge piece of that is just learning to quiet the mind and not let that ego just rage."—Josh Walker

Show Notes:

00:45 Discussion on his trip to the Philippines as the head of the central U.S. chapter for the Tabimina Balintawak Group

Comparing and contrasting his training with iron palm and balintawak

10:50 Discussion on ancient Chinese liniments called Dit Da Jow

Always match the jow to your training goal not to a particular style of martial arts. Choosing the right jow also factors in what the person is hitting and whether bone or skin is taking the brunt of the work

Ancestors Advanced Conditioning Formula is great for intense training and heavy hitting, where impact is penetrating to the bone or there is joint pain or arthritis

Southern Fist Dit Da Jow is also good for intense training.  It’s an iron body jow but doesn’t have the same type of wind-damp properties as the Ancestor’s formula; it’s best for open medium training

Ho Family Dit Da Jow is probably the closest thing to a “one-size-fits-all-jow”

Using a combination of two formulas can be the best way to go

White Dragon Iron Palm Dit Da Jow is another good conditioning formula along with Ancestors, Ku Yu Cheong Iron Palm Dit Da Jow and Hung Gar Iron Palm Dit Da Jow. White Dragon hits a little deeper in the body, great for beginning iron palm. 

Some of the more rare formulas- Wong Fei Hung Ten Tigers Iron Palm and Dit Da Nail Turn Black Formula

"You got to make sure that you’re using the right jow for the trail up the mountain that you take."—Josh Walker


23:40 Josh talks about his trip to the Philippines.  

With pressure testing, it feels so violent that people will come up afterwards and
wonder if you’re still friends

Pressure testing helps you to learn what you still need to work on and the need to suppress the ego

Knocking you down before you can get up; making you understand that you don’t have it yet.

The people being pressure tested were not allowed to attack.  They were only allowed to defend. 

31:20 Battling your demons and learning to quiet the mind

Some people think that the training is just about exerting control and power in a physical way.  They can’t handle the fact that their ego is being pressed on so intently.  

34:15 Sir Bob talks a lot about the mental aspects of training.  We’re doing physical things, but it’s not really the goal state for us necessarily. 

Flint Tabimina was promoted by Sir Bob to grandmaster.  So Flint is now the official grandmaster of Tabimina Balintawak.

Flint has an incredible ability to be creative; he brings ideas to the student so openly. He is incredible at the way he perpetuates the art.  

“Behind me everything is well lit, but if I look in front of me just one foot it’s still dark.” —Flint Tabimina


37:15 Flint shows so much humility, saying that everything ahead of him is brand new and fresh.  Sir Bob has also done such an incredible job.

38:18 The more we pass on this art, the harder we make it and the more you overcome it.  It’s challenging to the teacher as well as the student.

Josh wrote the Materia Medica For Martial Artists 

The unique aspect of the book is that it lists many of the formulas that the herbs are used in.

In closing, we would like to find out from our listeners what they would like Josh to talk about next time we meet with him.

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