EP08 Eat to Perform: Expert Weighs in on Healthy Choices and Habits

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“We have to think about what we eat physically, but we also have to think about what we eat psychologically. And so that's a big idea that I kind of always try to instill in all my patients, is you might take a food inventory, but I say, ‘Well, what are you eating mentally?’"—Craig

In this podcast series, we are speaking to Craig Williams, a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of East Asian Medicine in private practice in Austin, Texas. Find out what you need to eat to perform at your best, whether you’re punching bags at the gym or running up the stairs at home.  Craig walks us through what a healthy and sustainable routine includes and how to find balance in life. Nutrient-dense foods, whole herbs, the right exercises (note: must be something we enjoy!) and what we put into our minds all play a critical role in our health and fitness.

Craig is a Clinical Herbalist (R.H.) with the American Herbalist Guild, a NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, and an East West Certified Herbalist ( E.W.C.H.). Craig has a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine and is a Nationally Certified Instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Craig is also an ACE Certified Health Coach, Certified Eat to Perform Coach, Certified Revolution Running Coach, ACE Certified Sports Conditioning Coach, AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach. 

Show Notes:

2:00 Discussion on common nutrition problems and how healthy, natural and sustainable diets are best.
4:10 What macros to include in your diet. Protein isn’t the only thing; a balanced ratio of food groups is important.

“Food should be fun, and people should learn how to cook and see eating as a sacred act."

8:29 Food allergies and food sensitivities are an important topic but some people become a little obsessive and paranoid about it.
10:25 We have to have a very realistic viewpoint on weight loss; some accountability or counting calories to some extent is definitely necessary.
14:15 Body recomposition - Losing fat and gaining muscle mass usually happens by gaining education on exercise and understanding what role weight lifting plays in this objective.

“...for me, fitness is about living an empowered, healthy life, and a life of independence.”

16:40 Performance and nutrition go hand in hand.
19:59 Finding out the fundamental reason a person wants to be healthy can help them overcome their challenges.
25:30 Craig shares his daily health routine including going for a run, going to his practice, weight training at the gym, incorporating stretching routines, and teaching or practicing Kung Fu.
27:36 How Craig got involved with Chinese Medicine and what he sees as the strengths and weaknesses of Eastern and Western Medicine.
31:10 No matter what healing modality you follow, it's important to incorporate both nutrition and physical fitness into a person’s wellness program
32:30 Craig is a big fan of using herbs in a variety of ways --  topical application and internal usage. He loves to cook with herbs and turn food into medicine.

33:58 One of the greatest and most consistent herbal therapies that Craig uses is applying Dit Da Jow preventatively to keep physically active.
39:27 People need to find things that mentally stimulate them and keep them moving and inspired.
41:00 How to get in touch with Craig.

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Find out more about Craig Williams and connect with him at http://www.ayurvedaaustin.com, on Instagram or on Facebook. You can also check out his latest column in Acupuncture Today by clicking here.

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