Healing Emotional Pain With Trauma Informed Yoga

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...the present moment forward is the only thing that you have control over” - Yogini Rachel


Welcome to the Plum Dragon Herbs Podcast Series “Staying in the Game.” In this podcast series, we are speaking to Yogini Rachel, a trained trauma informed yoga Instructor and Owner of Under 1 Ocean Yoga. Yogini Rachel is an experienced private yoga instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the alternative medicine industry along with strong community and social services. She is a professional graduate from the East West College of Natural Medicine had received a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She also trained and worked as an EMT for several years prior to following her current career path in yoga.

Show Notes:

2:02 Defining trauma and trauma informed yoga

3:30 How trauma affects the whole body

6:28 Getting grounded, mindfulness, being in the present moment with breathing and focussing

10:50 People gain more self-confidence knowing they have a choice in their own body

12:45 Certain poses help you feel grounded and recognize that you’re standing

15:20 When trauma is left untreated it can lead to overeating, overdrinking, getting into arguments, or other unwanted behaviors

18:30 The body definitely keeps the score and many unexplained ailments (headaches, backaches, rash, hives, high blood pressure, etc.) can result from unresolved trauma

22:00 People just want to pop a pill. Why this isn’t the solution.

23:15 When people let go of what they have held onto for all these years, it doesn’t mean their trauma didn’t happen... it just means they are having an awakening


“Popping a pill isn't going to work and what really needs to happen is peeling the layers of the onion back to really get to the center and the root of the problem.” 


26:45 Trauma yoga has shaped how she handles stress

27:35 Yogini Rachel’s daily routine includes yoga, walks, meditation, breathing, following a vegan and gluten-free diet, and drinking tea

28:00 Importance of taking deep breaths

32:30 Using Chinese herbs and Dit Da Jow for injuries

35:45 Putting yoga career forward as she is passionate about helping others

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