Healing Through Meditation, Mindfulness & Bodywork Therapy

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“It's just like saying, ‘I'm going to get better about this.’ And you say that to yourself every day, you assume that that is going to happen. And it will, eventually, solidify in your consciousness. It works….In order to grow, you have to cross a boundary of limitation.” - Jason Lage 


Welcome to the Plum Dragon Herbs Podcast Series “Staying in the Game.” In this podcast series, we have conversations about mindset and techniques for staying at the top of your game. In our fourth episode, we’re talking to Jason Lage, a therapeutic massage, bodywork, and reflexology practitioner whose goal is to revitalize health and lessen pain and stress for his clients. He is the owner of "Tranquil Heart Enterprises," and practices in the Minnesota area.

Show Notes:

0:41 How Jason started with bodywork and massage

1:06 How caring for his autistic son was much of the reason he gained a greater sensitivity to energy and body language

2:49 Defining what bodywork is

5:59 bodywork is a way to dissolve the inefficient, the excessive and deficient tensions in the body

9:35 Through stillness, we discover the excessive tensions in our body that we are not even aware we are holding on to.

10:33 Developing a sensitivity to tension and energy took Jason lots of practice

15:40 Applying the principles of bodywork to daily living, such as meditation; meditation as an extraordinary pathway to healing

18:23 Self-care practices such as yoga and Tai Chi can help you balance your internal environment and calibrate your tension

21:41 The principles of alignment in bodywork discipline are the same as the principles in martial arts forms

22:45 We celebrate our uniqueness when we are young, but then in an attempt to fit in, as we grow up, we stop embracing our “weirdness” and we experience a disconnect from our true self

24:10 Daily practices of health include sweating, counting calories, hydration

28:40 It’s never too late to be better.  Neuroplasticity and growth mindset.  

30:19 The point of life is not maintenance; position your life in a way to prepare for opportunity, then you can live your life fully

31:29 Mindfulness: every moment of every day we can live with awareness.  Be aware of the internal world, simultaneously with the external world.  Yin yang principle.

34:41 Change is not painful. It is our resistance to change that is painful.

36:00 Changes seen with patients and how Plum Dragon products have helped relieve inflammation in himself and with his clients, weaning them from naproxen and other drugs.

40:22 Used Plum Dragon Ancestors and Ho Family Dit Da Jow along with bodywork to help relieve pain in an 80-yr-old client who wasn’t sure he could last two more weeks with the pain he was in when he came in for treatment

43:13 Explanation on what Dit Da Jow is and how it helps with inflammation and recovery and even holds up to the rigors of iron palm training

51:49 If something is true, it lasts forever. And there's a reason that Dit Da Jow has been around forever, because it has been refined over the centuries to do precisely what we need it to do.

52:13 How listeners can get in touch with Jason

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