Plum Dragon Herbs Offers a One-of-a-Kind Mood Support Formula


CHESTER, Maryland — January 22, 2020 — Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. has announced the introduction of High Spirits, a unique mood support formula based on a combination of both Eastern medicine and Western science. The tonic is intended to promote a healthy emotional response to stress for both men and women. For women, it can provide additional support for monthly hormonal changes.

The unique approach of High Spirits is that it blends the classic Chinese combination, xiao yao san, or “Free and Easy Wanderer” with Western adaptogenic and nervous system herbs, offering the herbal market a more comprehensive nervous system support product than ever before.

“For years, customers have known Plum Dragon for its exceptional whole herbs and pain-relieving Dit Da Jow formulas,” said Lisa Ball, CEO of Plum Dragon Herbs.  “By introducing High Spirits to our product line, we will be better equipped to help people with their overall sense of wellbeing and stress-management, which many health experts agree is necessary to combatting pain.” 

 Several randomized studies have shown that the xiao yao san component of High Spirits may be beneficial in reducing symptoms of depression. Studies have also shown that xiao yao san in combination with antidepressants is more effective than antidepressants alone. In Chinese medicine, xiao yao san is often given to patients to help regulate liver qi, promote digestion, nourish the blood and uplift the spirit.

 The Western herbs that make up the other part of the High Spirit formula include rhodiola, lemon balm and Western pasqueflower. Many studies have shown that rhodiola rosea is a well-tolerated herb that provides beneficial mood-stabilizing effects. This adaptogenic herb appears to help the body at the cellular level in its response to stress. Lemon balm and Western pasqueflower have calming, stabilizing and nerve soothing properties.

High Spirits is a formula that will be used clinically by Western herbalists and acupuncturists alike, but is also available to the general public. A 2 oz. bottle of High Spirits retails for $25 and can be pre-ordered at a discount at 

About Plum Dragon Herbs

Currently based in Chester, Maryland, Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. was founded in 2006 and produces the highest quality of herbal medicine for pain, injury and general wellness. The company specializes in Dit Da Jow, an offering of herbal formulas for pain relief and inflammation. By applying available modern herbal science and good manufacturing practices to traditional methods of Dit Da Jow production, Plum Dragon Herbs is able to offer the most effective and potent products on the market. For additional information, visit the company's website at


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Hello. I purchased the Apricot Seeds from you off of Amazon. I need a little more information on this Herb. I need to know if it is North or South. Thank you.
Shantae Truelock April 06, 2023

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