EP13 Q&A with the Original Plum Dragon Founder Josh Walker

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“This is where TCM ends up being really powerful…. Let’s treat the underlying reason [for pain] in addition to treating the symptom and making the patient feel better….—Josh Walker

Welcome to the Plum Dragon Herbs Podcast Series “Staying in the Game.” 

In this episode, we’re addressing YOUR questions in a special Q&A interview with Josh Walker, the original founder of Plum Dragon Herbs. We dive into detail on how to use Dit Da Jow (topical herbal formulas) as well as Dit Dan Wan (internal tonics).  We also answer training questions and some of the special herbs that Josh recommends.

For more details, check out the show notes below. We also welcome NEW questions in the comment section, so we can answer more of your questions!

Show Notes:

0:24 How Plum Dragon came about.

1:50 Formulas that would be geared toward osteoporosis.

3:50 Picking the best alcohol to mix with Dit Da Jow herb packs.

5:53 Best liniments for iron palm practice.

15:55 How long to age Jow before it’s effective.

17:27 Using Internal Wine’s and Josh’s favorite internal formula.

23:25 Promoting Qi flow.

25:06 How to measure your iron palm training progress.

32:02 Using mineral water instead of vodka.

34:50 Advice for finding a first-class practitioner and acupuncturist.

38:08 Products Josh recommends to strengthen bones and joints.

40:25 When products start diminishing in potency.

47:40 How Jow is affected by the temperature at which it is stored.

51:30 Best Jow for finger conditioning/training

54:20 Why granulated herbs don’t work as well as whole herbs.

1:01:02 When and how the Plum Dragon Chai Training tea is useful and how to 

make it.

1:04:53 Basic differences between our top-three selling formulas: Ho Family Dit Da Jow, Bruise Juice and Ancestor’s Advanced Conditioning Formula.

1:15:03 What Plum Dragon products Josh would recommend for contact sports.

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