Revive Your Energy & Endurance, Reduce Your Stress and Improve Your Sleep with Medicinal Mushrooms

Did you know that 40% of all pharmaceutical medicines use fungi? In fact, 10 of the 20 best selling drugs in the world use fungi. Many of us are familiar with Penicillin, sure, but most of us probably don't think of this medicine as being powered by fungi and few of us know very much about the amazing medicinal power of medicinal mushrooms. As a food source, mushrooms are one of the few sources of vitamin D. They can be a good source of non animal based protein, minerals, iron and zinc.

Medicinal mushrooms tend to grow on trees and the mushrooms will take some of the life force, minerals or nutrients from the tree and make it so that our bodies can utilize it by consuming the mushroom. Because of this, most medicinal mushrooms have adaptogenic and immune modulatory effects on the immune system, meaning that they can rev it up or slow it down accordingly as needed by our bodies.

Two Important Medicinal Mushrooms

Cordyceps Sinensis works like an upper for the endocrine system, a natural energizer without caffeine. It is not a stimulant, but due to its adaptogenic power, it provides a long balanced supply of energy. It has been used as an adrenal support to give energy and support to an overtaxed, stressed out system.

Research has shown that it actually improves oxygen intake (some studies show as much as a 15% increase), which is fundamental for the health and wellness of all people, and of particular importance for endurance athletes, and those involved in activities like meditation, yoga, Qigong, etc. as it helps in delivering more oxygen into your lungs. Cordyceps enhances ATP levels so that more of the “energy” molecule ends up in the mitochondria and this ATP transports energy within the cells for metabolism. These functions make this particular mushroom a great choice for athletes who are looking for a great workout booster and speedy recovery.  Read more about the latest research on the use of Cordyceps for improvement of athletic performance, HERE.

Because of its effects on oxygen intake, this mushroom can also be beneficial to those with asthma and other respiratory conditions as well as for the elderly.
It is best to use Cordyceps in the morning for maintaining a long supply of balanced energy throughout the day.
In short, use Cordyceps for:

  • Enhancing blood flow
  • Enhancing oxygen utilization
  • Enhancing immune function
  • Managing stress
  • Increasing energy
  • Boosting endurance
  • Speeding recovery

Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma Luciderma) are also adaptogenic and immune-modulating, but in much the opposite way of Cordyceps. Reishi has a calming, grounding, and balancing effect (increasing Shen according to TCM) on the immune and endocrine systems.

They contain fat soluble triterpenes that are great for the endocrine system and the glands of the body. This means that this mushroom can help balance and support healthy hormone function.

Rieshi mushrooms contain polysaccharides, too, which can provide immune-modulation for both hypo and hyper immune responses. These polysaccharides are also anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antihistamine, anti-stress, and anti-inflammatory.

Reishi can also help with sleep issues (it is not a sedative, however), support blood sugar balance and healthy blood pressure.

Reishi should be taken in the late afternoon/evening to bring calming to the body in preparation for sleep.

In short, use Reishi for:

  • Managing stress
  • Healthy hormone balance
  • Healthy blood sugar balance
  • Enhancing immune function
  • Improved relaxation for sleep

Plum Dragon offers several products that contain these two medicinal mushrooms:

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We are doing our best to bring ancient wisdom and ancient medicine to modern people who are often looking for answers in all the wrong places. Obviously, big pharma is making billions of dollars exploiting the power of these humble mushrooms… and we just wanted you to know that these powerful healing mushrooms can be used by the everyday person to heal and strengthen yourselves and your loved ones.

We are always here to support your health and wellness!!

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