EP32 Dr. Jaquish Explains How to Get the Body You Want

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"It's time to look at the [fitness] industry and acknowledge that the industry has given us the most failed human endeavor of all time....I know people that have worked out for years, and their body hasn't changed at all.”—Dr. John Jaquish

In this interview, we are speaking with Dr. John Jaquish, who has a Ph.D in biomedical engineering, invented several products including Osteostrong, the x3 system for weightlifting and wrote the book “Weightlifting is a Waste of Time. So is Cardio and There is a Better Way to Have the Body You Want.”

Show Notes: 

1:00 How trying to find a solution for his mother’s osteoporosis condition led Dr. Jaquish to researching bone density and eventually invent the Osteostrong device.

What his research found is that gymnasts stand out way above the rest of athletes for their strength, because of the high impact force they are accustomed to.

3:45 His belief is that low-impact training isn’t going to do anything to help bone density. 

5:00 Creating a medical device that provided high impact force without the risk of standard high impact training was the result of his findings.

9:00 Believes that wall sits and other isometric exercises are not helpful.

11:00 Osteostrong clinics were created to provide a way to strengthen bones in a safe and efficient way.

12:00 Dr. Jaquish invented the X3 Bar to allow people to get stronger at home, with only 10 minutes a day, six days a week of training. Top athletes including the Miami Heat basketball team and top NFL players are training with it.

15:00 Dr. Jaquish is eating a carnivorous diet which he believes is necessary to build muscle.

20:00 Instead of eating solely meat, as he used to, he also developed a vegan, amino-acid based protein made from bacterial fermentation.

23:00 In summary, a mix of visiting Osteostrong clinics, X3 bars, and protein-based diet is his main fitness protocol.

25:00 For martial artists who aren’t near his clinics, but want stronger fists and elbows, what they do to create stronger bones is typically hit mediums like bamboo which essentially creates microfractures in the bone that then heal like a callous, but only in that specific area.

27:20 The show host mentions that Dit Da Jow products can help with conditioning and strengthening. Dr. Jaquish said he would be happy to try them.

28:00 Dr. Jaquish believes carbohydrates and fiber are useless to the body. If using carbohydrates before or after a workout, he’ll use it to replace glycogen, and pairs it with a vasodilator like epimedium.

31:00 The host brings up that vegans might take issue with what Dr. Jaquish says about some of his carbohydrate comments.  She also mentions a book “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan, an omnivore who believes in a mostly-plant based diet, and wonders how he and Dr. Jaquish would battle it out.

35:00 Dr. Jaquish shares his beliefs on nutrient needs and U.S. government recommendations being obsolete. The research he believes in is cited in his book Weightlifting is a Waste of Time.

37:45 What Dr. Jaquish believes we need to do still in the wellness world is to find substitutes for snacking habits and cocktail party traditions.

42:00 Dr. Jaquish’s advice for those only willing to make just one small step toward better fitness is to start eating one meal a day.


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