EP 31 How Barefoot Footwear Could Change Your Game

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“If you let your feet and ankles and hips and legs start working more naturally and build up strength and agility and mobility, then that’s something that should last you for the rest of your life....it's about use it or lose it.”—Steven Sashen


In our latest podcast episode, we're talking with Steven Sashen of XeroShoes. Steven is one of the fastest male runners over the age of 50 and has earned the distinction of being a Masters All-American sprinter. He also taught Tai Chi and Zen Archery for several years and is a former All-American gymnast. Although he prides himself on never getting a real job, he has been a stand-up comedian and a cognitive psychology researcher. He is the creator of Scriptware, a word processor for film and TV writers.

Show Notes:

0:45 Introduction to Steven Sashen and the Xero Shoes company he founded.

5:00 Plum Dragon and Xero Shoes are similar in that they are both founded on products that have been used for thousands of years.

5:50 The oldest footwear is 10,000 years old and looks a lot like Xero Shoes.

7:25 The biggest mistake the shoe industry ever made. 

9:15  Why cushioning does not reduce impact forces and can cause foot problems.

12:00  Benefits of wearing Xero Shoes and how to transition into them gradually.

14:00 What research shows happens when we wear cushioned shoes or those with arch supports.

19:00  An athlete using barefoot footwear is likely to have stronger, more responsive, more resilient feet compared to an athlete using more traditional cushioned footwear.

24:20  How Steven Sashen became a Masters All American Sprinter.

26:30 Why martial artists could benefit from Xero Shoes.

32:00  Tips for walking in minimalist footwear. 

34:00  Keeping running fun and enjoyable with minimal footwear.

43:15  Realize that your brain doesn't know how old your body is and make adjustments over time.

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