EP27 Transformational Coach Turns Failures into Success

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“You've got to firstly get clear as to what your future is going to look like if you continue doing what you're doing now. But also get inspired about what it is you want to create and be inspired about that actually becoming possible."–Dan Warburton

Show Notes:

1:00 How failing in so many different business ventures led Dan to become a successful entrepreneur coach.

5:00 When he stopped caring what people thought of him, it enabled him to have a new relaxed approach to business.  When people become aware of what is holding themselves back, their whole mindset can transform.

9:30 Questioning the world and why he wasn’t succeeding is what led Dan to explore new learning by pursuing over 200 self-improvement and leadership courses.

11:45 Learning tai-chi was a way to start doing something that he enjoyed that was physical.

12:00 The Buddist monks taught him to cultivate love and kindness. When you have a feeling of abundance, it in turn allows you to feel that you have enough to give back to others.

12:50 During a 51-day intense yoga course, Dan was pushed to his breaking point. Through this challenging experience, he learned how to connect with the power of the universe and overcome the pain, cold and exhaustion that he was experiencing.

15:00 By the third day of his yoga course, Dan was questioning what he had committed himself to, but by the tenth day, he began to feel superhuman ability--realizing that he had so much more energy than he ever had before.

20:15 Through understanding how we are connected to the five earthly elements, Dan learned things like how to become absolutely unshakeable in his commitments and how to flow with challenges. 

21:15 Every morning for an hour, Dan’s morning routine includes Tai Chi, sun salutations, a gratitude practice, visualization, yoga and meditation among other things that prepare him for the day.

22:45 If people feel they don’t have time for a morning practice, they should ask themselves what their future is going to be like if they continue only doing what they are doing.  Also,  what is their opinion of themselves that causes them to think they don’t have time for these practices?

26:45 Thinking you are incapable of success can cause you to think you don’t have time for change.  You need to get clear on what your future will look like if you continue to stay the same and get inspired about what it is you want to create. What are these stories you are carrying with yourself that lead you to believe you don’t have time or can’t succeed?

27:45 Dan offers individualized programs for entrepreneurs that feel stuck or overwhelmed. He takes them on a journey that helps them become aware of their shadows and come through them and onto the other side.

28:30 There needs to be balance in life to succeed in business.

29:45 His book Dream it Choose it Live it takes entrepreneurs through a whole transformation process.

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