EP26 Best Anti-Aging Advice From an Integrative Medicine Doctor

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“In order to make significant change, you can’t overwhelm yourself with multiple different things.”–Dr. Rahi

Dr. Rahi is an integrative, aesthetics and anti-aging MD in LA and NYC whose clinics have a remarkable reputation in cosmetic rejuvenation and inner health.

Dr. Rahi prefers to have a holistic and integrative approach when treating her patients. At her clinic, she wants to help them solve underlying issues that result in long-lasting, optimal health.

Her treatment techniques involve much more than just medicine. Nutritional food maps, tips and exercise for stress reduction, sleep therapy, hormone replacement therapy and supplements are just some of the ways Dr. Rahi offers care for her patients.

In this episode, Dr. Rahi share the best tips for anti-aging and longevity.

Show Notes:

1:35 How Dr. Rahi became involved in integrative medicine.

4:55 Focusing on diet is super important to our overall health and longevity.

6:40 Antioxidants from leafy greens and adequate intake of magnesium are important for all cells of our bodies to function properly.

9:15 Loves turmeric as a spice and it can also be used topically to decrease inflammation; Can also be used on face and neck for beauty purposes.

10:50 Water, coffee (no more than a cup a day), celery juice and green tea are her choice of beverages.  Adding reishi, cordyceps or a mixture of mushrooms to a cup of coffee or another beverage can provide a lot of health benefits.

12:49 Exercise is great for brain function and necessary for anti-aging.

14:45 A poor diet, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep and not getting enough Vitamin D can exacerbate aging.

16:20 Use sunscreen on face and neck every day, but getting sun exposure on other parts of the body is important for Vitamin D intake.

16:50 Dr. Rahi’s top recommendation for inner and outer health is balancing our hormones as we age. Checking our hormones and optimizing them is key to any anti-aging program.

18:50 Dr. Rahi recommends using bio-identical hormones under the care of a physician and does not recommend synthetic hormones.

20:10 Being able to create a positive change in the life of her patients is the most satisfying part of her job.  Also excited about performing minimally-invasive procedures for aesthetic rejuvenation that allow people to feel better about themselves without undergoing surgery.

21:05 Through her practice, Dr. Rahi has been able to help people lower cholesterol and blood pressure and lose weight through an integrative medicine approach.

23:10 Glutathione can help promote detoxification in the body.

24:47 Her approach to making lifestyle changes is to take things slow. Focusing on one or two changes at a time will ensure more long-lasting changes.

25:30 New advances in anti-aging involve collagen stimulation. Also incorporating more supplements and detoxification will help create a healthy inside.

26:30 Dr. Rahi recommends detoxing or “resetting” our bodies at least 4 times a year with a careful water fast and regular intermittent fasting.

30:00 For optimal gut health, Dr. Rahi recommends only taking antibiotics when absolutely necessary and working with an integrative medicine doctor to assess which probiotics would be the most beneficial.

33:00 Trying to focus on the patient as a whole is super important to Dr. Rahi. Lifestyle, diet and even one’s spirituality are important to a person’s health. She tries to create a warm environment in her practice.

35:25 How to get in touch with Dr. Rahi and some additional pieces of advice for those wanting to look and feel better inside and out.

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