EP35 Wudang Kung Fu Artist Lindsey Wei Rises From the Ashes

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Lindsey Wei began training in wushu in 2004 at the Beijing's Capitol Sports University. She trained full time in China for several years, concentrating most of her time at the Five Immortals Temple on White Horse Mountain peak under the tutelage of Master Li Shu Fu. In the US, she has taught kung fu and other classes in various capacities, but is currently offering immersion programs at various mountain venues in California and Oregon.

Show Notes: 

2:00 How a high school trip to China awakened Lindsey’s desire to return to China in search for her spiritual path. Learned the Chinese language and modern wushu, a type of kung fu, and found it to have much more power and utilitarian uses than dance.

5:20 Stayed in China for several years before returning to the US and becoming a teacher. Pursued Wudang kung fu and Daoism and met Li Shifu during her time at the Five Mortals Temple.

14:00 After teaching regular martial arts classes in the U.S. for a while, Lindsey once again turned toward her passion of more immersive experiences. She began teaching wilderness retreats where students could connect with nature and understand Daoism. 

19:00 Believes every martial arts student should experience the spirit behind the art.

22:00 A bootleg fire ran directly through a property that Lindsey had just purchased for her retreats. This life-changing experience changed how she had envisioned her work.

24:40 Literally rising above the ashes, Lindsey regards the new landscape as hauntingly beautiful and takes people there to learn from the mysteries that the land affords to them.

25:30 Giving back to the earth and helping her land rejuvenate has become important to Lindsey.

27:00 Accepting our destiny and moving forward can be a blessing in our lives if we don’t miss it.

28:45 Believes it’s healthy to feel our emotions and allow them to cycle through the five phases (wuxing) so they don’t become trapped inside of us.

30:00 Processing deep pools of grief from what the fire destroyed has been her primary emotion.Through gathering and planting seeds in the land, it has renewed her hope.

35:00 Her books, The Valley Spirit (her personal memoir) and  Path of the Spiritual Warrior (about the life and teachings of Pedro Villalobos) are ultimately about the path of a spiritual warrior–what it truly means to be a martial artist, including both combat and the internal aspect.

39:00 We all need movement and meditation in our lives.

41:00 Most people are lacking in perseverance and ferocity.

43:30 Many of her archived classes are available online at www.wudangwhitehorseonline.com and she will be adding some live classes soon.

45:00 Staying in the game is more possible if we develop a willingness to stay focused and keep going. This will help us push through hardship and learn life lessons that can shape us instead of embitter us.

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