EP34 What Iron Palm Training Is and Is Not, According to Rodney Morgan

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In this interview, the original Plum Dragon founder, Josh Walker, is speaking with Rodney Morgan, a long time practitioner of Iron Palm and a closed-door student of Ricky Pickens from the "John" Winglok Ng kung fu lineage. Rodney is also well-versed in Chinese herbs and their application in martial arts.

Josh Walker currently works as a software engineer manager and runs the central U.S. chapter for the Tabimina Balintawak Group, a combative style of martial arts that originated in the Philippines. He is also the author of Materia Medica For Martial Artists, a comprehensive reference on Chinese herbs for Dit Da Jow.

Show Notes: 

1:40 Rodney introduces himself.

3:00 Thoughts about teas and internal tonics.

7:30 Contrary to popular belief, iron palm is not just “hand conditioning."

12:00 Are there really secret training techniques?

15:30 A true iron palmist knows how to combine herbs to create a good training formula.

19:00 Perspectives on secret dit da jow formulas.

23:00 A lot of people don't know some of the key components to true iron palm training involve strengthening the tendons, the ligaments and the body torque. 

29:00 Rodney shows his personal gym set up.

31:20 Breaking bricks is a skill that requires consistent training.

33:00 Rodney demonstrates how to smash through a brick hanging from cords.

40:00 Why many iron palm instructors are more reluctant than ever to share their knowledge.

42:00 Thoughts on where iron palm is headed.

48:00 Rodney’s current training, compared to when he was younger.

52:00 Keeping your hands properly conditioned can take as little as 5 minutes daily.


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Excellent interview. Kudos to Rodney for preserving the art and not selling it.

Richard Adhikari September 15, 2021

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