EP30 Fighting Principles of Wing Tsun

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In our latest podcast episode, we’re speaking with Jason Malik, the Chief Instructor at Texas Wing Tsun. As a former boxer and wrestler and someone who cross trains with other styles of martial arts, Jason is able to effectively apply his Wing Tsun in any given situation against any kind of attack.

Aside from being certified to teach Wing Tsun under the WTA, Jason is also certified to teach Jeet Kune Do under Sifu Paul Johnson of Real JKD, who is a certified Sifu under Sifu Jerry Poteet, a direct student of Si-Jo Bruce Lee.  

Jason is also a bladesmith, specializing in custom knives and edged weapons for combat and self defense. 

He has also done stunt coordination and fight scene choreography for independent action films and is a recording artist, producer, and audio engineer signed with Mo Thugs Records.

Show Notes:

0:00 Introduction.

2:55 How Jason Malik got involved with Wing Tsun starting with his Bruce Lee phase in his early teens.

5:00 Training to deal with an attacker.

6:18 Principles of Wing Tsun that have helped Jason through life adversity.

6:50 You have to maintain forward intent even when life isn’t pleasant.

8:20 Sticking is about control.

9:20 Wing Tsun is like a switch -- it’s either “on” or “off.”

13:00 Learn to relax and develop sensitivity to read your opponent.

14:10 You’ll never lose the fear of getting hit until you’ve been hit a few times.

15:00 Don’t get two steps behind and stay in control of the exchange.

16:20 The initial attack is the most dangerous part. You have to be comfortable charging into somebody who takes a swing at you. It’s the experience that teaches you.

22:00 Myths about Wing Tsun. What it is and what it isn’t.

23:00 Using Dit Da Jow in Wing Tsun--Believing in the science of the formulas.

25:00 The bar fight that led him to explore Chinese medicine.

27:00 Discusses the use of knives in self-defense and his bladesmith business.

31:00 Bruise Juice is one of his favorite jows.

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