What is Dit Da Jow?

Dit da jow is a powerful Chinese herbal remedy for pain relief and for reducing inflammation. For centuries, traditional Chinese medicine has recommended its use as a topical analgesic for bruising, sprains, strains and many other forms of pain and injury.

According to TCM, the main healing function of dit da jow is to unblock blood stagnation and blood stasis. In the case of trauma injury to the body, Qi becomes blocked in the meridians which causes pain and swelling. Dit da jow is used to open this blockage and allow the Qi to flow freely and the injury to heal more rapidly.

There are many types of these topical formulas available, because each of the formulas contains specific types of herbs needed for various types of injury. For example, an acute injury with bruising, redness and swelling would require a different set of herbs for support than an older injury with no inflammation, but with moderate degeneration.

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To learn more about the uses and benefits of dit da jow, watch this quick, easy-to-understand video tour.