Dit Da Jow for Lacrosse? The Secret Weapon To Recovery That You’ve Never Heard Of.

When playing lacrosse, it’s almost guaranteed that certain pains and injuries will be a part of life. I always knew that the season was in full swing when I was taping up my ankle, had pain in my wrists, and was covered in more bruises than I could count. When it came to recovery it always seemed like I had three general choices; 1. rest, 2. take something to mask the pain, or 3. push through the pain. None of these options were that appealing to me. Masking the pain didn’t deal with the core injury. Pushing through the pain often lead to longer term issues. As for rest, nothing was more frustrating than having to be sidelined for an unknown amount of time.

One day in my mission to find a better way to recover I was introduced to Dit Da Jow. This is the overarching name for Chinese herbal liniments widely used for thousands of years in martial arts circles for recovery, conditioning, and pain relief. Dit Da Jow has been somewhat of an open secret with recipes being passed down from generation to generation and it wasn’t until recently that Dit Da Jow became more widely available. As I began to research more about how the Martial Arts world uses Dit Da Jow I noticed many parallels with the Lacrosse World.

Take for instance escrima stick fighting. In this Filipino martial art you fight and strike with escrima sticks similar to the size and weight of a lacrosse stick. Escrima practitioners end up with bruises very similar to those that lacrosse players get after being slashed. Escrima practitioners rely on Dit Da Jow to help heal their bruises as well as to help condition their bodies to withstand hard strikes. If you want to learn more about escrima and Dit Da Jow, World Champion Tomm Voss discusses it in depth HERE.

How Does Dit Da Jow Work?

Dit Da Jow is made by soaking specific herbal blends into alcohol and then aging that mixture. Two of the primary modes of action in Dit Da Jow healing formulas are:

  • Reducing Inflammation (which is the cause of swelling, sensitivity, and decreased range of motion)
  • Increasing Circulation (helps bring fresh healing nutrient and drive out stagnating fluid surrounding the injury)

Dit Da Jow Formulas For Lacrosse

Here are a few Dit Da Jow Formulas that will be a huge help this Lacrosse Season

BRUISE JUICE: Perfect for dealing with slashes and getting hit with shots.

We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve been hit with a missed shot or repeatedly slashed in the arms, you are going to end up with a large, painful bruise. Bruise Juice is the ideal solution to these issues. It is best for fresh injuries with visible bruising, redness and swelling. This is a strong anti-inflammatory and can be used for all kinds of inflammation and pain connected with a fresh injury, bruise, welt, sprain or strain.

HO FAMILY DIT DA JOW: Perfect for pain management, and muscle injuries that come during the season.

This Dit Da Jow Formula is one of the most versatile formulas on the market and should be your best friend during Lacrosse Season. Whether you hurt a muscle running or shooting, or you are just simply in pain from the beating that your body takes during the season Ho Family Dit Da Jow can help you recover. This choice is best for all other injuries that have moved beyond the bruising/inflammation stage. This is the best choice for general pain management, muscle injuries, tendonitis, and pain from post-surgical/post-trauma recovery, including nerve pain.

ANCESTORS ADVANCED DIT DA JOW: Perfect for high impact trauma conditioning and injuries that won’t go away.

What if you could condition your arms so that you could withstand incredibly hard checks without injury? How much would that change your game? That is exactly the intended use of Ancestors Advanced. This formula was created for Martial Artists who train with steel or lead shot, iron ore, and other dense mediums so that they could train harder without injury. This formula also is great for injuries that won’t go away, such as a lasting knee or ankle injury.

Where Should I Purchase Dit Da Jow?

Plum Dragon Herbs is the place to go for all of your Dit Da Jow needs. Plum Dragon Herbs sources the absolute best all natural herbal ingredients to ensure the highest quality product, every time. Plus, Plum Dragon Herbs is located in the heart of Lacrosse Country with Headquarters in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.

This Lacrosse Season, make sure that you are prepared to play at the top of your game by using Dit Da Jow to help you play harder, recover faster, and endure more.

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