EP24 Original Oakland JKD and Plum Dragon Founder Talk Iron Palm (Part Two)

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We're having a more in-depth discussion on iron palm training in our second discussion with Sifu Felix, Master Alex and Josh Walker.

Sifu Felix Macias is a second generation instructor of Jeet Kune Do in its original form. His father, Felix Macias, Sr., trained under the great Kung Fu Sifu James Yimm Lee, the man that introduced Bruce Lee to iron palm training. They were all part of the Original Jeet Kune Do club in Oakland, California.

Master Alexander Witthar is a freestyle artist and a 10x Masters of Martial Art Hall of Famer. He was also a gold medalist in Tae Kwon Do in the Pan American Games in 1996. Both Sifu Felix and Master Alex are current instructors at the Original Oakland Jeet Kune Do and conduct seminars on the classical principles of JKD.

Original founder of Plum Dragon Herbs, Josh Walker, is a senior software engineer and runs the central U.S. chapter for the Tabimina Balintawak Group, a combative style of martial arts that originated in the Philippines.

Oakland JKD students Pablo Coral and Jovan Ayers also join us for a part of our interview.

Show Notes:

0:50 What drew Josh to founding Plum Dragon Herbs.

6:01 Introductions.

9:47 Explaining the Way of the Intercepting Fist.

13:32 Alex shares his martial arts training history.

17:48 Felix Macias, Sr. used to always say that fighting and training are two different things.

21:20 Felix isn’t concerned about stripes, belts and certificates--it’s about learning how to respond when the hands start flying.

25:25 Felix shares how Iron Palm and using Chinese herbs takes your gung fu training to a different level.

29:55 Why there needs to be a clear distinction between Dit Da Wan (an internal jow) vs. Dit Da Jow (used externally).

34:15 A lot of the iron palm knowledge is too often overlooked now in modern martial arts.

42:00 Jovan Ayers shares how during his trip to China many Wing Chun martial artists were impressed with his knowledge of old customs and authentic style that he learned from the Oakland JKD.

46:00 Josh shares his experience with Wing Chun and other Chinese martial arts and how he learned iron palm.

51:30 Josh’s perspective on moving through the four seasons of iron palm training and common problems with beginners.

54:45 How the JKD stance differs from the Wing Chun stance, according to Felix.

1:05:09 Alex opens the VIP Package from Plum Dragon while Josh talks about punching mediums/bags.

1:13:05 Looking ahead and considering doing some training videos with Oakland JKD.


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