EP25 Learning the Self-Healing Art of Qi Gong with Tomm Voss

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In this show, we are speaking with friend and long-time user of Plum Dragon products, Tomm Voss. Tomm is a Qigong teacher and world champion martial artist as well as a holistic nutrition, fitness and life coach.

After a decade as a professional bodybuilder and spokesperson for Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazines, the extreme demands of that industry took a toll on Tomm’s body. In 2007, he was sent to the ICU and diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease known as Henoch-Schönlein Vasculitis, the treatment of which caused Hypothyroidism. He was told he would need to take prescription drugs for the rest of his life. 

Tomm then embarked on a journey to heal himself.  He became a student of Grandmaster Zhou of the 18th generation Wudang Dragon Gate Qi Gong lineage. Through the guidance of Master Zhou, Tomm learned to balance his system through Qigong and holistic nutrition, and cleared himself of any need for medication.

In 2015, Tomm traveled with his mentor to the holy temples in the Wudang Mountains of China. When he returned to the US, it was clear that the time had come to begin teaching the art of Qigong. 

Tomm now supports groups and private clients in healing themselves from imbalances and chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. He facilitates people in learning Qigong anywhere in the world on Skype, or in-person in Los Angeles.

Over the years, Tomm has studied many forms of martial arts. In 2016, Tomm became the Eskrima World Champion, and attributes much of his success in competition to the strong foundation that Qigong has given him.

As a Qigong, nutrition, fitness, and life coach, Tomm is honored to help guide people of all ages and walks of life in achieving the balance and vitality required to live their greatest lives now.

Show Notes:

1:50 Tomm explains what Qi Gong is and the philosophy of a balanced qi.

3:57 How Tomm ended up in the ICU, staring down the idea of being on medicine for the rest of his life.

6:37 Pushing his body to the extreme and having to be fit all the time for photo shoots created very unhealthy balances in his life.

11:00 Learning Qi Gong and applying principles of Chinese medicine was the life-changing solution Tomm needed to overcome thyroid disease naturally.

17:00 The ancient practice of Qi Gong teaches us how to replenish our qi and how to clear out any stagnant qi.

22:00 Not only was Tomm able to regain his health, but he went on to becoming a world champion stick fighter (in escrima).

28:00 With an interest in helping everyone from young executives to elderly clients restore balance in their body and incorporate holistic practices, Tomm began teaching Qi Gong in studios and more recently, with a new online course.

31:00 One of Tomm's clients, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, saw rapid success with his Qi Gong instruction. In the first 20 minutes of practice, her symptoms were greatly reduced. She would remain symptom-free for several hours after sessions and was eventually able to reduce her medications.

38:00 Having a mindset of positivity and service has been life-changing for Tomm, who says he used to have an ego-driven pursuit of life.

49:00 We've become so accustomed to looking for the quick fix to solve our health problems, which has caused a great disconnect with understanding our bodies.

50:00 Tomm's new Qi Gong course provides access to everyone wanting to learn this self-healing art.

56:00 Using Plum Dragon's Dit Da Jow for both his escrima and qi gong practices has allowed Tomm to heal faster and remove qi stagnation.

57:10 Helping people believe that they can accomplish anything is one of Tomm's key messages.

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