Budo Brothers Share How Failure Can Lead to Success in Life

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“...some of your best lessons and successes come from some of the hardest times.” - Kyle Mahadeo, Budo Brothers 

Welcome to the Plum Dragon Herbs Podcast Series “Staying in the Game.” In this podcast series, we have conversations about mindset and techniques for staying at the top of your game. In our fifth episode, we’re talking to Erik Allan and Kyle Mahadeo, lifelong martial artists and co-owners of the Budo Brothers, a martial arts lifestyle company. Erik and Kyle share how their challenges and failures in life ultimately led to their success.  

Show Notes:

0:45 How the Budo Brothers got started on their journey toward a successful business

3:00 Goals: Stop losing money in business ventures and learn e-commerce

4:06 First product sold in their business was a premium, hand-finished Hanbo, a martial arts weapon

7:30 When you come at it from a place of wanting to learn, wanting to grow and wanting to serve people, it's amazing the rocks that you uncover along the way

9:30 How the Budo Youth Fund helps fund martial arts for underprivileged youth that otherwise wouldn't get a chance

12:10 The confidence and self-belief that can be achieved through martial arts

16:24 Erik shares how he overcame a financial downfall pursuing his first entrepreneurial dream

20:05 Erik hits rock bottom and realizes he needs to stop living in the past and caring what other people think

26:22 Kyle and Erik share how the name Budo Brothers came about, it’s really a name that describes the warrior mindset and learning through challenge

“...at the end of day...the most important thing that we have is our mindset because that's how we view the world.” --Erik Allan, Budo Brothers

30:35 Discussion on being the observer of your thoughts and really bringing consciousness to your everyday life instead of being the emotion

38:12 Some of the best lessons and personal success stories come from experiencing some of the hardest times; live in the present moment

41:15 Featuring talented martial artists that have an inspiring story to share in their magazine is one of their most enjoyed projects

43:25 Habits for Success: Arrive before you leave. Be present before you walk out the door and rush off to the next meeting

46:10 Other successful habits include hydrating, working up a sweat, taking time to meditate and focus on your breath, listing things you’re grateful for, taking a cold shower, and eating a good breakfast

49:18 Filling our minds with positivity

51:15 How the Budo Brothers love Bruise Juice for all the times they get smashed up in training

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